El Rey Del Mundo (Flor De Llaneza Maduro)

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El Rey Del Mundo (Flor De Llaneza Maduro)

In my opinion, El Rey Del Mundo is one of those cigars that get overlooked when walking around your local shop. Its one of those classic names that never surprise you. Its an old stand by when it comes to cigars. The smoker knows what they are getting with each smoke. With so many new cigars on the market that provide complex and in depth flavors its easy to overlook them.

The tale of the tape:

Length: 6.25
Ring Gauge: 54
Origin: Honduras
Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf
Binder: Honduras
Filler: Honduras

This is the Flor De Llaneza or torpedo shape. El Rey Del Mundo distributes 47 different shapes and sizes with 27 of them available in the United States. I’m reviewing the Maduro version but this shape is available in a Ecuador Sumatran EMS wrapper.

The stick itself isn’t much to look at. The dark maduro wrapper makes the gold and red band the focal point. The wrapper is free of veins but has some bumpiness up and down the wrapper. Smoothness is not a word I would use when describing the wrapper.

Decent cut with my trusty Palio cutter and had no problems toasting the foot. Very easy initial draw. Upfront you get the standard tobacco flavor that develops into a toasty nut taste with a creamy toasty finish.

Solid construction with the wrapper staying intact, burned evenly with no relighting needed. With the solid white resting smoke I sat back and watched this cigar burn a bit in my ashtray. An ugly duckling to begin with, the cigar turned into a beautiful swan. The colorful band, the dark maduro oily wrapper and beautiful white ash was such a beautiful site.

If you’re looking for a solid and consistent stick that doesn’t have any surprises or sharp changes in taste you can’t overlook the El Rey Del Mundo. If you have been overlooking the El Rey Del Mundo, I’d suggest giving a pause before walking by it. You won’t be disappointed with this easy smoke that gets better with some age. I had these in my humidor for 17 months but at least 2 months should give it enough age. Total smoke time for me was an hour and ten minutes.

Stogie Review Rating Sheet : 84/100


One thought on “El Rey Del Mundo (Flor De Llaneza Maduro)

  1. What a crappy review! Your only reference to the flavor of this cigar is “toasty nut taste with a creamy toasty finish.” We’re supposed to check out this cigar based on that? You focus more on the cigar’s appearance and burn than on how it tastes. I think most would agree that isn’t what most cigar aficionados are looking for in a review. Sure, those things are important, but taste, complexity, and flavor are the top priorities for most. Disappointing review on an otherwise great cigar review site…

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