Partagas 150 (Signature Series B)

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Partagas 150 (Signature Series B)

I decided to treat myself today. Today isn’t a birthday, wedding, anniversary or any other special occasion. I’ve had a tough spell at work the past couple weeks and more busy days in the weeks ahead so while I have a momentary break, I thought I would celebrate how lucky a life I live. To be able to have a job that challenges me every day and a life that allows me to partake in the joy of cigars…and a wife who doesn’t mind that I smoke inside.

So, without further ado I bring you my review of the Partagas 150 (Signature Series B).

Lets get the facts out of the way shall we? The Partagas 150 (Signature Series B) weighs in at 6.5 inches with a 47 ring. It features a Cameroon wrapper, Mexican binder and a mix of Dominican and Mexican filler. I’ve seen boxes of 25 of the Signature Series B go for anywhere from $600-$925 and the Partagas 150 are considered one of the rarest or at least the hardest to find cigars. The Partagas 150 was originally released in 1995 to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the Partagas brand. In 1995, the Cameroon wrapper was 18 years old. I’ll save you from doing the math and tell you that the wrapper is now 28 years old and it is this same wrapper that will be used for the Partagas 160 which celebrates 160 years of the Partagas brand.

The Partagas 150 was a welcome relief for me. After such a disappointing stogie earlier with the S.T. Dupont (I should have all my stogies confiscated for mentioning the two in the same review as the S.T. Dupont shouldn’t be allowed in the same country as the Partagas 150) the Partagas 150 was a delight.

I can only describe the wrapper as being silky smooth with a milk chocolate color to it. The simple red and gold label compliments the stogie’s appearance giving an overall elegant look. Nice silky sweet aroma as you take a whiff or two before toasting.

As a clipped the cap and placed the Partagas 150 in my mouth I thought to myself that it can’t possibly get any better than this and then realized, I still had to light it! It took very little effort to toast the foot. It seemed like the Partagas 150 was reading my thoughts and did the work for me. It was at this point that I kind of went numb for a minute as I realized that there was no turning back. I couldn’t change my mind and rush it back to my humidor. I was as they say in the grown up world…committed.

Burn rate was nice and slow and one could literally lose themselves just watching the perfect even burn. A nice smooth draw. The Partagas 150 won’t let you draw too hard or too soft. Its like there is some built-in fault tolerance system within the stogie making it impossible to render anything but a perfect experience. Wonderful white ash and peppery smoke billows out and fills the room with subtle tobacco smell that smells so good I wish I could package it.

The Partagas 150 has a wonderful flavor profile. You can tell that the same level of care and quality you find in the construction was used in developing the flavors. The Partagas 150 offers a distinctive earthy/cocoa bean flavor with a little bitterness to offset the sweetness on your lips. They really had the flavors down to a science…not too much…not too little…everything in perfect amounts. After the first inch or so you can taste the flavors build up inside your mouth to create a long creamy almost syrup in texture finish.

Now the price point…I was lucky enough to find these at a local B&M selling for $20 a stick. You definitely pay the price for the Partagas 150 being hard to find. But it in all honesty, I will say that the experience was well worth it. As I smoked it, it gave me the chance to reflect on the decisions I’ve made and to ponder the decision still to come. I look upon the pile of ash and find myself thankful to have celebrated this stogie. For you collectors out there, take the time and reach into your extensive collection and smoke one of the stogies that you’ve been saving for a “special day”…there is no day like today…plus its cheaper than going to a shrink. Like my favorite quote by George Sands:

A cigar numbs sorrow and fills the solitary hours with a million gracious images.

Happy Smoking!


26 thoughts on “Partagas 150 (Signature Series B)

  1. Great review! That sounds like one hell of a cigar. I have a Partagas Decada that my wife gave me for Christmas last year– I’ve been waiting for the right moment to light it up. Your review is making me think about unbottling it very soon…

  2. Cigarfan – Thank you for the kind words! I have plans to end the year and ring in the new one in Las Vegas. We may have to get together and unbottle a nice cigar together bro.

    Patrick A – Visit our friend Jon Sullivan at JR Cigars in DC. He has the Series B for $20 and the Series AA for $25 per stick.

    Jonathan – I pimp the shirt as much as I can and I hope I promote the DWSC as much as they do us.

  3. Damn! Man I love the P150 I would take a P150 over any Cuban! I’m very Jealous of you Jerry, I smoked my last of 20 Partagas 150’s I was holding on for a very special occasion ( the birth of my son ). I loved this cigar so much I smoked em like no tomorrow till I realized I was low then it was special reasons only. Man I’d love to get me another, time to go hunting.! 🙂
    Nice review did it justice for sure.
    aka K12

  4. got a full box of p150 don ramons.have had them since november 1995.they are aged,perfectly clear cellophane and the largest and rarest of all the sizes ever made.

  5. I ran a cigar store back when the 150’s first hit the market. I have smoked many different cigars, there is no doubt from my smoking experiences that the 150 was the best legal cigar available at that time.

  6. Johnnie – I will have to agree with you. I’d take the 150 over an Opus X (sorry Walt) any day. I actually just dropped $100 on 5 more sticks.

    A local shop (Davidus in Gaithersburg MD) just got the new Partagas 160 in their shop. First shop locally to have them. Not sure what the price is on them but it will be interesting to check them out or at least pick up a pair to age/collect.

  7. When are we going to see a review of the 160? I’d like to see if the 150 & 160 are truly the same or if its just one of those things the industry is saying that the 160 used leftover 150 stuff when they actually didn’t.

  8. Hello, fantastic review, I would have to agree with you on everything you said. I have several boxes of Partagas Signature Series 150’s that I am looking to sell. I have two 50 boxes of AA’s, one box of 25 B’s, and one 25 box of robusto. If you have any insite for me as to how I could turn these humidor kept cigars into money, i would appreciate any feedback.

  9. Congrats on having the guts to smoke it! I have a boxed, tubed, and sealed Partagas 160 in my humidor, but I haven’t worked up the strength of mind to smoke it. At $45 a stick, I would like to have another just so I can smoke it and still have one gracing the view of my glass top chest!

  10. Ah the Partagas 150. Grabbed two sticks when they first came out in the 95 time frame. Spring I think it was. Been smoking cigars for 25 years now, and in damned near every country of the world under every different condition imaginable. Gotta tell you for my taste, these were the finest cigars I have ever had. Until now. Just picked up a couple 160’s. After I uncurled my toes, pinched myself and took a sip on my single malt, I finally found a better smoke than the 150. Guess I will have to wait another 11 years to top this one….
    Jerry, you did the P-150 justice with your review and fine posting. I hope you get a 160 soon.

  11. Nicholas Please call me about any real 150 partagas
    I will need all pictures of the boxes please.
    Unless you are in Southern California

    1. Hi Mike,
      Just got off phone with you as we talked about the Partagas 150’s I have…as well as some Opus x’s, and Cuban Cuabas. All in the same humidor…and for a long time. Sounds like I may have messed them up a bit keeping them altogether like that? Oh well…thanks for your input and for giving me a reason to smoke these. I’ll come by to your truck sometime and say hi. Let me know you schedule and locations. I live in H.B. so I’m likely nearby.

      Dave Dubis

  12. As I am writing this piece of text I am taking part of the Partagas 160’s pleasure and let me tell you… This is one helluva cigar! It toasted so perfect and the center light was almost instant, the smoke was pure creamy white dreams and the subtle flavors were complex in some ways and simple in others, the partnership with the glass of Glen Livets 18 year old was astonishing, and at 12.89 a stick at my local stick shop I’ll be back as often as I can to purchase up the 3 boxes he has…

  13. Michael –

    What is your local shop? $12.89 a stick for a Partagas 160 is a great price! My local shop has them for $20 and I haven’t gotten up the courage yet to buy one to compare it to the 150.

  14. This review typifies my own experience with the 150s. The rapture of this cigar is bar none. After having smoked one, I continue to search for something better… doesn’t exist. The care in the construction, the wrapper, and the filler, all top flight. A relaxing smoke, full of taste and as some would say….” it’s all she wrote”. Punto Fino!!

  15. I am looking for a box of well kept Partagas 150’s. Purchased one box online for $350 of the 7X43 and smoked them all.

    Nicholas above has some he wants to get rid of and I don’t now how to contact him. Any ideas?

  16. great review jerry. i would like to try one of those if i ever get a chance. i have seen the 150’s being sold in the chicago area for 38. that would be the most expensive cigar i have thought about trying.

  17. My brother-in-law just gave me two P150 coronas for Xmas and I’m placing them in my humidor as I write this. Honestly, I’ve been wanting to smoke one of these since they unveiled them and now that I have a couple, I plan on waiting for the perfect summer afternoon to favor myself. I’ve got a bottle of Connemara 12 year Single Malt Irish Whiskey that would be the ideal companion!

    Happy Holidays!!!

  18. Believe it or not – I have a sizable glass topped humidor full of nothing but 150s. They have been soaking up 70% humidity since the late 90s. It’s a thing of beauty to gaze through the glass. I don’t think gold bars would look any sweeter. I finally worked up the nerve to have one last summer. It was so worth it but alas – now I have one missing.

  19. Picked up a box of these 6 months ago from a gentlemen at a cigar shop I use who needed some money due to the 2008 souring of the investment market. I’ve been staring at them in my humidor, and waiting for an excuse to light one up. Thanks for the review and comments; mite have given me enough courage to enjoy one now.

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