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Perdomo Lot 23

Perdomo Lot 23 pre-light

This Perdomo Lot 23 Robusto was a gift from the guys over at Dogwatch Social Club and was enjoyed during a herfcast for episode #80. While the wrapper was very smooth and without any large veins, it had a slightly rugged appearance but felt very good between the fingers. Very nice double cap that cut perfectly and a pre-light draw giving a nice earthy tobacco taste. A large band on a cigar is a personal pet peeve of mine but I found this one rather attractive even given its large size.

Through the first third earthy flavors dominated the draws of thick white smoke leaving behind a light grey, firm ash and a short finish. The burn was even while maintaining a sinewave pattern rather than a straight edge.

Perdomo Lot 23 first third

The finish stayed relatively short through the second third while the body increased by just the slightest bit. Woodsy and earthy flavors continue to dominate the smoke and I began to feel it on the back of my tongue and throat without being what I would call spicy.

The last third of this cigar continued with the pleasant earthy flavor, short finish and relavitely light body. Everyone smoking this one agreed that this would make a fine cigar to give to friends who are not regular cigar smokers and with confidence that they might finish it. Amongst the five of us participating in this herfcast, none had any complaints about this cigar.

Perdomo Lot 23 last third

I am usually a fan of maduro wrappered cigars and find that I often don’t make it very far into the last third of a cigar with a natural wrapper. There are many cigars at this price point in maduro that I enjoy regularly but this will be the first natural wrapper cigar to make it into my regular rotation at the $4-5 range. I’d like to close by giving thanks to Bob and Dale at Dogwatch Social Club for inviting us to join in on episode #80.


20 thoughts on “Perdomo Lot 23

  1. As always, the show was a great time and the cigar that was selected did not disapont.

    Bob and Dale,
    It was a pleasure doing the show with you once again and we look forward to the next time.

  2. Wonderful cigar! A lot of good flavors and for $4-$5 a pretty good deal. The only problem you will have is finding a spot for the Lot 23 in your rotation.

    Definitely download and listen to episode #80, as always its another great episode.

  3. Wanted to add that Rob and his crew at the Blowin’ Smoke podcast just reviewed the Perdomo Lot 23 in their latest episode, episode #21.

    It sounds like they had a different take on it than we and the DWSC. Its actually the lowest rated cigar that they’ve ever had but hey, this is what makes cigars great!

  4. Also wanted to add the Josh & Erik over at The Cigar Nation podcast gave the Lot 23 a good review. Even so far as to say that the last half of it reminds them of Padron Anniversary. You can listen for yourself by downloading Episode 18 of their podcast.

  5. Hey Jerry!

    Since our blind review of the Perdomo Lot 23 and its less than stellar score, I have gotten feedback from both sides of the fence. Cretin Vince has given it another shot and tells me he enjoyed the second one better than the first, but still not an exceptional smoke. I smoked a second and suffered through burn problems and a relatively one dimensional profile. During the show, you’ll recall, my stick out performed everybody else’s.

    This is one reason why cigars are such an enjoyable and thought provoking hobby or pasttime. One man’s dog rocket is another man’s Behike.

    Long ashes, my friend!


  6. I smoked one toady on the golf course. I am just getting into cigars and I loved the cigar. A few burn issues.

  7. Rob – It seems like the Lot 23 is really hit or miss with each stogie. The first couple I had were fantastic, no issues whatsoever. The last two I’ve had, I had to put them down and label them as DNF.

    Bobby Wade – Thanks for the comment. In Episode 80 of the Dogwatch Social Club we all mentioned how you could give the Lot 23 to someone new to cigars and feel confident that they would enjoy it so I’m glad to hear you loved it.

  8. Jerry, just had one of these today (belicoso, my fav). smoked without any additional aging in my humidor. very close to your experience. i had some background leather/cocoa notes as well. very creamy. a little burn issue after the toast and at the beginning of the last 3rd, but overall a solid stogie. great recommendation and value. thanks and keep up the good work!

  9. My local shop guy just introduced me to the Perdomo Lot 23, and I must say it is a great cigar! I usually enjoy a milder smoke, and this one was perfect. Attractive to look at, nice white smoke, and good flavor. This one is certainly going into my humidor.

  10. I know I’m a little late here… But I just picked one of these up, and am enjoying it. Great price, nice burn, taste is good and consistent. I may pick up a box of these.

  11. I enjoyed this smoke as I paired it with an Indian tea. The tea had some spice to it and it complemented the mildness of the smoke. This was the first time I had my Indian Chai with a cigar and I must admit it’s actually really good. I’ll have to try pairing it with a something medium to full bodied to see how they compliment each other.

  12. I used a notch cutter on my Lot 23 and did not get a great draw. Next time I will try a different cut. At any rate I really enjoyed this stick. Nice flavor, mild with a short finish. One could smoke this stogie any time of the day. Nice even burn throughout. Tasted consistent from start to finish.

  13. Enjoyed watching the review on my iPhone. Smoking one right now and its great. Burn isnt razor sharp but not bad. Love the flavors. Also saw your review for the CAO Gold maduro. Keep up the good work!

  14. I bought a box of these when they first came out on special……$28, I should have bought ten boxes. I love this cigar. Mild/Med….creamy rich taste, very good draw and burn. Exceptional anytime cigar. I am a Perdomo fan for sure and generally like a Nicaraguan cigar over Dominican or Honduran.

    Great story behind Lot #23……. A plot of jungle land owned by the local Catholic church along the road near the Perdomo factory. Perdomo approached the local priest to see about testing the soil and perhaps
    using it for a tobacco vega. Behold the soil tested superior to the finest fields in the Esteli area so they made the land lease deal, cleared the growth, planted, harvested, aged and rolled a great cigar after several patient years. All the tobaccos are grown on this plot called “Lot #23″……Nick Perdomo says the cigar was blessed by priest making it a success.

  15. so i’m a little late to the party on this cigar, but I’m smoking it as I write this so I thought i’d contribute…

    the flavor is pretty much as everyone says, but I like it a lot. I’m smoking the Toro, and I tried a punch cut for the first time. I have no burn issues at all (in fact it’s better in that regard than most other more expensive cigars i’ve tried). I had a glass of V8 Splash while I was smoking it for some reason, and the sweetness helped – a little unorthodox, I know…

    Anyway, I am a fan of Perdomo in general and this cigar was another great one for me.

  16. I’m novice to cigars to say the least, but I’ve tried at
    least a dozen mid-range cigars before finding this one. I think the
    burn is quite good actually, very consistent throughout the entire
    smoke. I’m currently smoking my 3rd (with a few in-between) but for
    some reason keep finding myself going back to it. The ash is easily
    one of the better ones I’ve had, although not tight, very good. To
    me, this cigar has a noticeable spicy taste throughout the smoke
    (something I tend to enjoy). It is somewhat smooth in the 2/3 with
    a slight hint of smoothness to it. It is also a leathery with an
    afterthought of some kind of bean. As I said before, take this
    mini-review with a grain of salt as it is coming from a novice
    smoker. I would personally like to taste a sweeter/smoother cigar,
    but until I find one this will do…nicely.

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