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5 Vegas Gold

5 Vegas Gold pre-light

Since the high was 80° F here this afternoon, and I was invited to play for free, I headed out for a round of golf. The weather isn’t very Christmas-y but it’s great for golf. I brought along this 5 Vegas Gold Torpedo at 6×54. I didn’t want to get into anything too strong as I had only eaten a bagel for breakfast and I’ve found I like these in the morning. Unfortunately the digital camera didn’t cooperate and the above photo is the only one I have of this one. You have my apologies, unless you don’t care for my photos in which case you’re welcome. 🙂

The Connecticut shade wrapper on this one was nice and smooth with only a few thin veins. I made a generous cut of the cap and found a pleasant draw. I’ve been told the advantage to a torpedo is the ability to make a small cut to concentrate the flavors on the palate, however I’ve yet to smoke one of these from the box that didn’t require a fairly generous cut to get a good draw. I can’t complain too much though, I got the box from C-Bid for $30 shipped.

Starts nice and mild and builds only the slightest bit through the burn. The ash is a medium gray and holds to around an inch, though some from the box have been more flakey than others. The burn on this particular one was even, never requiring more attention than to occasionally rotate it. While these are mild cigars, I don’t find them devoid of flavor even though they do lack much, if not any, complexity. The nutty profile generally stays even throughout, getting leathery when smoked too fast.

When I first got the box two months ago they were rather grassy with occasionally creamy flavors. After resting for a couple of months the creamy flavors are much more prevalent, though the grassy flavors haven’t gone away completely. I guess I’ll find out in a few months if it goes away completely, if so I’ll likely keep some on hand.

There are undoubtedly other mild cigars that are as enjoyable, and certainly some that are as cheap, but I like these for a cigar to smoke when you’ve got the time but not really the attention to give a fine cigar.


5 thoughts on “5 Vegas Gold

  1. Nice review.

    I’ve had the same experience aging this cigar… Initially it was a bit salty, but after 3 months in the humidor, it became very creamy, and was much improved.

    All in all, at sub-$2 a stick it’s a great mild cigar.

  2. Patrick, for the $1.50/each I paid for these I’m more than happy with how they’ve come out. I’m hoping they keep getting better, and what a cool looking box. 🙂

  3. This is one of my go to cigars. The price tag is not too abrasive and the quality is great. I agree the box is beautiful but nothing like the cigars wrapper.

  4. This cigar ‘blow’. The amount of smoke was akin to a pile of burning leaves and the flavor was harsh and ‘cheap’.

    I kept trying to trade it with the Classic my GF was smoking but after one toke she basically told me to blank-off. : )

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