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Montecristo White

montecristo white

While I was wishing for something white on Christmas here in Maryland, the closest I got to a white Christmas was enjoying my Montecristo White cigar.

This is the Toro sized Montecristo White and comes in at 6 long with a 54 ring gauge. The Montecristo White features an Ecuadorian wrapper, Nicaraguan binder and filler from both the Dominican and Nicaragua.

For those of you who know me, you know that the Montecristo White is my choice for mini celebrations. Specifically when I was studying for my MCSE, whenever I’d pass one of the seven exams I’d always treat myself to a Montecristo White at my local JR Cigars.

My big and pretty much only beef with the Montecristo White is the price point. The Toro sized Montecristo White will cost you around $10. To me, it’s not a $10 cigar but more of the $6, $7 and at best an $8 cigar. I’m not saying that the Montecristo White is a bad cigar. I always enjoy smoking them but when you factor in complexity and flavor, the Montecristo White doesn’t live up to its price tag. Unfortunately most of that $10 price tag has to be the Montecristo name.

If you’re a coffee lover you will love to have the Montecristo White as company. I enjoy coffee at anytime of day so naturally I can smoke one of these anytime of day and enjoy it. But if you’re a morning only coffee drinker the Montecristo White will fit in well with its medium body and its toasty and nutty flavor profile.

For me its because of that $10 price tag that I keep the Montecristo White on the shelf until a special event of some kind.

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23 thoughts on “Montecristo White

  1. Jerry love the review. The MC White is one of my favorites.

    MCSE, Blackberry Admin and you were able to fix my Exchange Server…what can you not do? I’m going to be in DC in March for the FOSE 2007 convention maybe we could grab a smoke?

  2. Vic – FOSE? I thought that was for Government employees not private sector geeks?

    cigar family guy – I’ve heard similar remarks from folks getting that bland taste and I will leave open the possibility that the coffee I drink with it may over power it but my experiences have always been enjoyable. The RP Connecticut is another one of my favorites with coffee. The RP Connecticut has a little more depth and a more attractive price tag.

  3. I received one of these through the Montecristo free offer a couple of months ago. I’m going to have to agree with the cigar family guy on this one. I found it bland and tasteless and my daughter said it smelled pretty bad. Maybe I got a bad stick or didn’t let it sit long enough. Based on your review, maybe I’ll pick up another and have a cup of coffee with it. I feel like I should give it another chance.

  4. Jerry I hate to go against you and Vic on this one but the Montecristo White is one of my least favorite. I feel about the White as you do with the Montecristo Afrique line. Now the RP Connecticut you mentioned in your comment, that blows the Montecristo White out of the water in both taste and price.

    Sorry bro, I think you missed the boat on this one. Cigar family guy and Alan said it best, the Montecristo White is tasteless. You’re better off smoking that $10 bill than wasting it on a White.

    Video quality is looking great!

  5. Great review!! Most entertaining one yet. Congrats on your baby!!! I enjoy the White also. I agree w/ your opinion on price! Keep up the good work!

  6. Alan – You know those free offers never seem to work for me. I fill them out whenever all the time but never have received anything.

    Kirk – No need to be sorry. According to my wife I miss the boat a lot and am often wrong on a lot of things. No doubt on the RP Connecticut being a solid stick that we will have to review at some point.

    Rafe – Thank you for your kind words! I liked this video a lot. More of my quirky personality came out.

  7. Jerry, great job on the review. Please take as long as you deem necessary to get across your complete impression on the cigar.

  8. I gotta try that RP Connie… if you want an alternative to the Monte, Try a Cuesta Rey Centennario #60, 6 inch Toro, $3.50 a stick, puts the Monte to shame IMHO.

  9. Jerry –

    I feel the same way about the white. I loved it the 1st time I smoked it, and def wanted another soon, but the price is just to much to make it a daily or even weekly smoke. your site rocks!

  10. I found Montecristo White to be quite bland, wispy and of very little flavor.

    Believe it or not, you’re better off buying a box of 5-Vegas Gold Toros or Churchills. You’ll actually get some flavor.

    If a bunch of Montecristo White fans did a blind taste test, I bet they’d all pick the 5-Vegas Gold. Then they’d be embarrassed about the hundreds of dollars they’ve been overspending all these years.

  11. I was very unimpressed with the MC whites I have tried. I agree with the comments about the 5 Vegas and the RPs. Either one is a vastly better smoke and a far better value than the MC.

  12. I had to stop watching this video.. Jerry, please, don’t talk on camera with a cigar in your mouth. This is a somewhat professional Cigar Review website, people come to you to get CIGAR INFORMATION, please be professional. In this order; 1. Talk 2. Cut and Light 3. Smoke 4. Talk 5. Smoke 6. Talk 7. Smoke 8. Finish Review. Trying to make out what you are saying with a cigar in your mouth, is a joke. Act Professional, even if you are not.

  13. Jake,
    My apologies if you could not understand what Jerry was saying. Please keep in mind that we have started to do things a little differently now than we did a year ago when this review was published.

    Thanks for leaving a comment.

  14. Dude Jake…what is your problem? Are you out for Jerry or something? First his humidor and now the MC? The guiding principal of this site has always been have fun and thats what Jerry does and like Walt said, look at the date bro.

  15. I’d also like to add that I’d rather have Jerry be himself in his videos than “act”. He keeps it real. Jerry when you come back, don’t change.

  16. Walt is the “Professional” of The Stogie Review, we can’t deny that. Jerry did things off the cuff and is a wacky guy. That’s his style, and I enjoy both of their approaches to cigar reviewing.

    This place is evolving constantly, which keeps us coming back. Check out the new guy Brian, he seems like a wacky guy too, but the reviewers are all top notch here. Give peace a chance 😉

  17. Your post is very well crafted and I have learned. I’ve added your blog to my reading material. Thanks for the update!

  18. To me the Montecristo White is one of the best Super Premiums
    out there. To me its a Mild cigar, Smooth with vanilla and nuts, and super consistant. I paid $11 and thought it was worth every penny. Keep up the good work jerry, and I dont care if at the end of your video you talk with a cigar. Its your video!

  19. In terms of looks the “White” is impeccable. In terms of taste, well, it’s polarizing. This cigar may have smoothed out all the edges a bit too much, thus the most common complaint is that it’s “blah” tasting. I can see what is going on because it’s a bit sweet with the spice subdued (it’s there though IMHO) and it really doesn’t change with much else as one progresses. What is appealing is that that sweetness with a bit of spice is pretty good. Yes, it would be an excellent morning stick as I like the juxtaposition between the sweet smooth cedar and the robust cup of joe. It’s a clean finish without reminding you of itself all morning long. There are some of these to be had in the “cask” packaging and they are almost guaranteed to be more aged as well as more economical (apparently this marketing presentation did not hit the numbers projected and is being agressively discounted). If you are inclined to try these this cask thing is priced right and the aging seems to help a bit. A very straightforward mild smoke that when purchased at a reasonable price doesn’t seem bad at all…maybe too polite for afternoon and night though.

  20. I have found the Montecristo White Toro to be my go to cigar in my deep humidor. It is creamy and consistent and is what I expect when I light up one of these excellent cigars.
    The consruction is impecable and has an excellent draw from start to finish.
    Enjoy my friends!

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