Consuegra – Dominican Republic

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Consuegra – Dominican Republic

Another week of nights spent at the hospital. I’m hoping in the next two weeks things settle down and I can get back on track. My cigar this week is the Consuegra from the Dominican Republic. We are pretty familiar with the more popular Consuegra from Honduras as being a great value/bargain cigar…the Dominican does its best to keep with that name:


9 thoughts on “Consuegra – Dominican Republic

  1. Jerry,

    Glad to hear that your father-in-law is hanging tough. Will certainly continue to keep him (and you and your wife) in thoughts and prayers.

    I’ve been so envious of the smoking room you have in your house. Sad to hear that you’re being sent to the back patio – which is where I have to do my smoking, too. The cold and rain in the past couple weeks really dampened my ability to start enjoying the outdoor evening stogie. Heck, as soon as it warms back up again, there’ll be mosquitos and all that stuff. However, kudos to you for taking the smoke outside; this will be a lot better for the baby.

    Thanks for the review. Buck a stick is quite affordable. By the way, I did notice at JR’s that the Honduran version is only $26-30 for a bundle of 25 (much like the $26 for the Dominican bundle you reviewed). Thanks, again!

  2. Hey Jerry, please don’t worry about your reviews, etc. until yout father-in-law’s
    situation has stabalized and he is well on the road to recovery. Family is way more important than any of this stuff. Personaly, I would like to see you back to your cheery self again. Sorry, but you just didn’t act like your heart was in this segment and I can certainly undertsand why.
    I’m sure that Walt and Brian can keep things moving along until your family situation improves.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.


  3. i love watching you stumble over yourself while doing reviews. you should try reviewing your notes on the cigars before hitting the record button. then maybe you won’t stare off so much. i’ll give you credit though… at least you know how to spell consuegra (although you still struggle to say it correctly)

  4. Andy should take a hike…no one is making you watch. Don’t polute this site with your dumb ass comments. Your mom should’ve taught you to have some class.

  5. Haven’t yet tried the Dominican Consuegras, but the Honduran ones have been a mainstay of mine for several years now…mostly the #9, #16, #73, and #84. They’re a fantastic cigar for the price. Just remember the caveat that, since they’re seconds, occasionally you’ll get one which is plugged or has burn problems. It’s the nature of the beast.
    If I’m going to a cookout or party with a lot of cigar ‘newbies’; I’ll frequently take along a bundle from which I’ve removed the cello and the bands. I’ve heard nothing but great comments from the guys and invariably hear stuff like, ‘Those are pretty good! Where’d you get them? What are they?’ Plus, since they’re so cheap I don’t really have to worry about ‘cigar abuse’ either…For a good everyday cigar I can always count on them!

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