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Davidoff Millennium Blend

The Wednesday night review for this week is for the Davidoff Millennium Blend Petit Corona (4.5×41). I was gifted a five-pack of these a month ago and have been eyeballing one of them every time I opened the humidor since then. I’ve had a couple of the milder Davidoffs but had been looking forward to trying what is billed as a more full-bodied blend from them.

The construction was absolutely perfect, a very smooth and supple wrapper, very well done cap and perfect feel when squeezed. Pre-lite the cigar had a taste of raisins, something I often find in some full-bodied cigars, with a comfortable draw. The first third started off rather harsh and bitter but smoothed within a half inch. Right from the start this was definitely more full bodied than any Davidoff I’ve had before. Once the harshness subsided it was rather creamy for a cigar so full bodied.

Even before the first third had finished the harshness and bitterness from the beginning had returned. It was not quite the same harshness that comes from smoking a cigar too fast, and not quite the same as a cigar that is just too full bodied for you (Joya de Nicaragua Antano for me), but every bit as unpleasant nonetheless. Almost as quickly as it returned it disappeared, but continued to present itself for the rest of the cigar. The burn was fairly even, but tended to tunnel when not smoked at just the proper pace.

For such a small cigar there were quite a few touch-ups required to keep it from going out because of the tunneling. When the cigar wasn’t harsh it was very enjoyable, delivering differing amounts of flavor and complexity each and every time. However when I got a mouthful of the harsh and bitter smoke it was as unappealing as any dog rocket I’ve even had the displeasure to smoke. I’ve definitely never had a cigar I liked and disliked so much all at the same time…now that’s complexity…I guess.

In particular there was about three quarters of an inch, right in the middle of this cigar, that was absolutely outstanding. Every draw was different, some were light and creamy while the very next draw might be full bodied and heavy, lingering on the palate. I would have been absolutely floored had this entire cigar been that good. Unfortunately the unpleasant draws returned much too soon and I was left wondering what went wrong.

By the beginning of the last third the unappealing draws were beginning to seriously outnumber the appealing ones so I allowed the cigar to extinguish itself in the ashtray. I’m hoping that the harshness was a result of this not being properly aged, maybe it was in its "sick period"? I’ve got four more of these I’ll allow to sit for quite a while before I work up the courage to have another, I’m hoping the really good flavors that were present in the background will come to the foreground. I think it could be a really enjoyable cigar.


11 thoughts on “Davidoff Millennium Blend

  1. Brian,

    Interesting review. I’ve been curious about these cigars for quite a while, but I’ve alway had another cigar I was more interested in picking up.

    I’m intrigued by the term “sick period”. I’ve never heard of this before. Have you encountered cigars that become worse for a period of time and then get better later? (This could be a question for the “Your Question, My Answers” segment…) I always assumed that cigars generally got better with time spent in a humidor.

    Another Brian

  2. From what I understood, if tobacco is properly cured and fermented, and also well aged, prior to rolling, then a “sick period” shouldn’t exist.

  3. also, I would imagine this is very much the case with Henke’s Davidoff cigars… I would think anyway, considering the price point.

  4. Interesting. We reviewed this cigar back in March and also found some construction flaws, but did not experience any harshness.

    While the disparity could be a difference in our opinions of “harsh,” I’m guessing you somehow got a bad stick.

    Our review was based on no less than five cigars, and we found the flavor profile to be excellent.

  5. Hmmm, I have never ever gotten into Davidoff Cigars. I have tried them a few times and each time was worse than the previous time. I gave up on them and probably will never have another. The price point is outragous as well. Just my .02 Cents.

  6. I was just taking a stab in the dark with the sick period (way better than I can do Another Brian 😉 ), just trying to come up with an excuse why a $9 cigar would perform this poorly. When this cigar was on it was very on, but when it wasn’t it was a bad as any dog rocket on the planet.

  7. Brian, come on man. The site is primarily video reviews…. it’s a let down when a review ISN’T video-based. Time isn’t a good argument, click record, stop, upload, done. So what’s the deal ??

  8. I agree, Brian needs to bust out the video camera and get on par with the other reviews. While the written reviews are very well done and helpful, you should consider getting on par with the other video offerings on this site, which makes it stand apart from the rest. If I want written reviews there are tons already being done. Or you could just keep listening to the site fans gripe about it week after week 🙂

  9. I say something is better than nothing. Although I prefer the video reviews, I don’t see how you can complain about free video reviews, podcasts, etc. So keep up the good work.

  10. I smoked the mill blend churchill last night. Biggest waste of $26 I’ve ever spent! The draw was too tight and the flavor at times actually tasted like burnt hay. It was very mild and very unenjoyable. I lit up a 601 red after that just to get the taste out of my mouth. I’d never smoked a Davidoff and I don’t believe I ever will again. Like buyin a Mercedes, looks nice, costs alot, but is a big piece of junk…..

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