Don Pepin Garcia Series JJ

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Don Pepin Garcia Series JJ

On the recommendation of my Stogie Review cohort Brian, I decided to try the Series JJ from Don Pepin Garcia and since Walt did a geat job reviewing the Blue & Black labels that I thought it was time for us to review the White label. Walt can’t have all the fun.

Video runs about 13 minutes and I take a moment to answer a viewer question on whether I think Cuban cigars are worth the price.

When you’re done, head on over to our MySpace page and watch my review on the Blue Label.


18 thoughts on “Don Pepin Garcia Series JJ

  1. Hey Jerry! Whats the point of the MySpace page? Why not just post the Blue label review here along with your Series JJ review?

    I like just coming here and being able to access all the reviews plus some employers block MySpace where I haven’t heard any employers blocking The Stogie Review. Just food for thought.

  2. because I’m not a My space member I’ll comment here about your Blue label review… first of all, great song choice… if you ever lose your day job you can definitely sing background for JJ…LOL.

    I agree about Pepin blending in that Cubanesque flavor, I think that’s why I like his cigars so much.

    Definitely Jessica Alba for me too!

    And… there is no way your reviews are staged… having met you in person I will personally guarantee you are exactly the same live as you are in front of the MiniDV.

  3. Hey there,

    First of all, greetings from a Greek viewer, I enjoy both your reviews and the Q&A show.

    I have a comment and a question.

    As far as the Cubans are concerned, yes, that’s a ridiculous price, the bolivar (corona extra?) shouldn’t cost more than 12$. But for the quality, I don’t think you can judge such a big range of cigars by smoking a couple of them just a couple of times! (A lot of assumptions here, but I think you can see what I mean)

    The question is, do you know if there are any online stores selling non-Cuban cigars, that ship to Europe? It’s amazingly hard to find non-Cubans here, and it’s a pity, since there is such a big selection.

    Keep up the good work!

  4. Thanks for answering my question. Keep up the great reviews!!!

    P.S. The “wife” factor will get you every time!! LOL!! I’m with you on that brother!!

  5. I gotta go with Jessica Alba as well. Like you said, she’s on a totally different level than the others.

    And not to be too picky but one correction for your Blue Label, its the Tatuaje Havana VI with Angeles being one of the sizes.

  6. Vic – MySpace and Facebook are all communities within themselves. I’ve found a couple cigar groups on MySpace and people who “live” in MySpace who now know about The Stogie Review.

    Ultimately though, the MySpace page is just that. Its MySpace. A place where I can “let my hair down” so to speak and talk about more things than just cigars, like being stalked by ex-girlfriends.

  7. Lol, I just watched your rant about Toronto’s smoking bylaws and felt that I have to comment: there are several lounges (indoor) where you can enjoy a cigar; they’re just not advertised. Also, provincewide bans are no different than most of the statewides downsouth; you happen to be lucky enough to live in a state that exempts tabacconists… for the time being.

    Great website!

  8. Hey Bob! Thanks for leaving a comment!

    I wish they’d advertise those places at least to local cigar shops and hotel concierges cause everyone I asked just gave me the same ole line. I’d think concierges would be more in the know about these places since so many cigar smokers who visit Canada want to enjoy a nice Cuban some place relaxing and not be forced to a roof top.

  9. yummy, just smoked my first JJ, same size, the belicosa. Paired it with an IPA beer which probably drowned my palate to being sensitve to much of the wood flavors heh. I tasted more of the mild sweetness that was awesome paired to the bitter strength of the beer. The wrapper was a bit more fragile then I would have liked as I got one split but didn’t effect the cigar other then a bit of a minor burn issue. Great cigar though and I’ll be buying more of these for sure!!!

  10. the JJ is an awesome cigar, one of DPG’s best creations, it is incredibly well balanced. if i could smoke only one cigar for the rest of my life, this one would be on the short list.


    yea i would probably not choose an IPA for this smoke, in fact i personally prefer to stay clear of alcohols with this particular cigar. i feel it is so well balanced that my drink of choice is normally either just water or a lightly sweetened iced tea. i realize this is almost a year later but it’s always fun to revisit previously smoked cigars, and this one is definitely worth the trouble of finding 🙂

  11. hmmm, I think I have a few of these cigars sitting in my humidors somewhere. You’ve inspired me bill h to find one and light it up. This time no IPA hah. I don’t think much pairs well with an IPA. I think I’ll keep the IPA’s for cigars that I want to drown like when I smoke my remaining Ashton VSG.

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