Rocky Patel Decade

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Rocky Patel Decade


Thanks to everyone for voting last week on this cigar. I first tried the Decade a few months ago and wasn’t all that impressed, in fact, I thought it was pretty offensive to be carrying the Rocky Patel name. I’m glad that my first impression didn’t make me write off the Decade all together and your votes inspired me to try it again.

The 3-4 Decades I smoked leading up to this review were nothing but pleasure to smoke. All the great qualities and flavors that over the years have lured me to Rocky Patel over and over again are all present in the Decade. Not to sound too much like a loser but the Decade is like going on a journey of Rocky Patel cigars. Its a slow starter, nothing but the usual natural tobacco flavors similar to what you get when smoke many of the Indian Tabac stuff. But then you’re met with a lot of familiar flavors that each have their own part of the cigar and transition nicely from one to the next. From the RP lines of the Olde World Reserve, Sun Grown, Vintage and I’m sure there is a bit of The Edge in there as well all can be found when smoking the Decade by Rocky Patel.

Video runs 17:43 and after you watch be sure to check out for an article on how you can help to save 1800 Suicide and to check out Jerry’s Cool Thing of The Week. Enjoy and long ashes!

Cigar Nutrition
Length: 6.25
Ring Gauge: 44
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sun Grown
Binder: ?
Filler: ?
Price: $8.25(1)

Liked It: Yes
Buy It Again: Yes
Recommend It: A must for RP Fans
More Pictures: Available on Flickr
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12 thoughts on “Rocky Patel Decade

  1. Jerry,
    I liked the beer segment, it was a nice touch to see some extra content on the same review. I noticed over your left shoulder I could see your TV in the reflection of the cabinet glass door. I would have been nice if you had on some bikini babes or something though..hahaha!

    I will give the decade a try since I liked the Sun Grown and Olde World. Great job as always!

    I like to drink light lagers with my smokes, like Stella Artois or Grolsch…They bring out the sweet/spicy/nuttiness in a cigar.

  2. Interesting review Jerry…I to have heard mixed reviews of the Decade but not any like yours and how it has properties of each of all the RP sticks.

    My vote next week is one of The Nubs. I think its time we get your opinion on them.

  3. Jerry,

    Another fine review my friend and I have too say, I agree 100% with you on your conclusion. The only problem I had with this smoke was it was too pricey! Hell maybe I will light one up when we meet for our next golf match. Yeah I know you are up two games to none. Beginners luck (LOL).


  4. Jerry,
    Awesome review. You got me sold on trying this stick, along with the loofas or whatever infomercial was playing in your cabinet! Now I can enjoy a nice gar and remove tough stains and dirt with ease!



  5. Jerry-Great review as always. Its like chillin and havin a smoke with you. I’ve had a couple Decade’s and enjoyed each one. My pallet isn’t keen enough to pick apart the flavors like you did though.

    Anyway, I’d be curious what you thought of the Dos Capas. It’s been awhile since I smoked one, but I remember it being nice. Not a “Wow” stick, but a nice mild smoke.

  6. Hey Jerry, I glad you gave the decade a second chance . I ‘ve had a few torpedos and fell in love with them therefore I got myself a box. Great cigar and you discribed it right on my friend. Enjoy

  7. Great new review jerry, I really dig the new format with more personality and not just black background white shirt (not that those were bad!) The t.v. was a little bit distracting in the background, but hey, hardly a big deal. Now off to check out the tom and ed opus x review! Good day on SR for sure.

  8. Great review. I had one of these around a month ago and really enjoyed it. Didn’t notice the Indian Tabac flavor as I really can’t stand those things. More reminded me of a nicend up OWR.

    For next week how about the nub habano?

  9. I finally tried the decade and the dominant flavor that I got was sunflower seeds… I have never had this taste in a smoke but this one was full of it, with lighter notes of chocolate,wood, and nuts. It did kinda remind me of the Vintage 92 and the OWR to a lesser extent. Overall this was a good smoke with great construction but for the 10+ dollars that I spent for it I was left wanting more. I would try it again due to its top notch construction and even burn in the hopes of getting more out of the flavor dept.

    Great review Jerry!

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