La Riqueza #3

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La Riqueza #3


You didn’t think you were gonna go a week without The Great Torpedo did you? Thanks to @brianhewitt for letting me post on his beloved Wednesday spot. Gotta love teamwork!

This week I bring you the La Riqueza #3 by Pete Johnson and blended by the hottest or at least the busiest blender in the industry today, Don Pepin. Now La Riqueza in Spanish means “The Riches” or “The Wealth” and I found the La Riqueza to be just that.

Video runs 17:12 and along with enjoying the La Riqueza I discuss such things as why I talk about other cigar new media sites (blogs, podcasts, etc) in my videos and how its great to have my ability to pick up flavors in a cigar validated. After you watch my video head over to Her Humidor and read her review of the La Riqueza #4 and checkout the selection of our newest sponsor:

Duque Cigars –

Thanks for joining me at my kitchen table this week. I hope you enjoy the video and I look forward to any comment love that I’m blessed to get. Most of all Long Ashes while you burn one down this week!


32 thoughts on “La Riqueza #3

  1. Awesome review as always Jerry. I’ll have to try some of those cigars, you make them sound pretty good. I haven’t had anything bad from Don Pepin Garcia. On another note, I was wondering what video equipment you are using. You’re videos look pretty clear and I amthinking of making a cigar review blog soon. Cab you tell me a little about your setup?

  2. Hell Yeah! Great review, but I do miss the “oui parle francais” music intro…that tune always gets me pumped for a proper stogie review!!!

    No cigar nutrition on the write up???

  3. Cool review Jerry. I’ll have to find a La Riqueza and give it a try. You reminded me about the Java’s as well, which I want to try. I’m not at all sure how a flat cigar might feel in my mouth, but it never hurts to go outside one’s “comfort zone” if you will.

  4. Dear ‘Great Charismatic Torpedo’,

    You draw us in with your reviews and we leave you comment love. It’s just the way of the world my friend.

    Thanks for sharing your kitchen table with us!


  5. 1926 Padrons and Brown Label Tatuajes have LONG been my FAV! .. Once the La Riquezas came out I grabbed a quick sampler of them and immediately smoked them ….. Fell in love immediately and have already grabbed a few boxes of these to add to my PAMs and Tats. LOVE THEM! Great review.

  6. Great review Jerry. I think you make a fantastic point about the relationships between the cigar bloggers and various sites. With the exception of persons who are “sponsored” by a major lable, everyone seems to get along. I see y’all tweeting asking each other for pics of various cigars to use on various sites and 100% of the time someone comes through to help out the person in need.
    Since there is basically no competition between the sites, it only makes sense. I feel I am a typical stogie web site surfer and I hit every one you mention and then some on a daily basis. I’ve got everyone’s RSS feeds on my Yahoo page, so I’m constantly cruising to see who’s posted what each day.
    The more we talk and share amongst us, the stronger our bonds become and the better the online stogie community grows.

    Keep up all the good work!

  7. Jerry! Man you can always tell when its going to be a good cigar review. You have this little burst when you open your video that doesn’t hide your excitement! I take it you don’t play poker much huh? πŸ™‚

    Great points on supporting other cigar sites and I think thats what makes you special…you’re never hate’n on other sites.

    I enjoy all of your reviews but this one had that extra flare like in your Partagas Black or RP Sun Grown reviews. Your enthusiasm and energy is just amazing man.

  8. Can’t argue with your review Jerry! I tried this guy a few weeks ago and didn’t really know too much about it but loved every puff. The price point could be a little less but other than that, its a fantastic smoke!

    Thanks for letting us sit at your kitchen table…speaking of which, it would be a hoot to be in the live audience when you do a video.

  9. LOL dude you rock! Very enjoyable review and I love that you are so comfortable to wear a pink shirt on camera. πŸ˜‰

    Different opening song? Be prepared for the e-mails! LOL. I liked that you mix it up every now and then. Oui Parle Francais is still the sh*t though!

    Anyway, loved every minute of the review…another classic review!

  10. Jerry

    Your right, its all love between the bloggers. ive been on Stogie Review, Cigar Jack, Cigar Alliance,etc and its been a blast and like talking and chillin with friends. i hope it never changes, if anything we’ll start our own BIGGER, BETTER cigar magazine one day πŸ˜‰ …. CA watch out!

    about La RRRRRRRRRRRRRR-Riqueza (dont forget to roll ur R’s) lol … its a great cigar and besides the Series P, Cabaiguan, this is one of the best. Top 3 from Pete/Pepin.

  11. Great Review, Jerry! Like others have said, your enthusiasm shows! Definitely one of the best or your reviews to date. Keep it up!

  12. Great review as always Jerry. I have really enjoyed the La Riqueza I have smoked.

    And ‘The Great Torpedo’ made me spit drink everywhere. That was hilarious.

    Keep up the great work

  13. As I always say, great review. Thanks for the mention of my blog as well. This sounds like a tasty smoke.

    You are correct, there is no competition between cigar blogs. If anything, they suppliment each other. And what you say matches my routine. I “Make the rounds” since they all have something different to offer. But you can’t deny… Stogie Review is the premier site.

  14. Jerry,

    Great review! It’s good to see the sites getting along indeed…we thought about trying to dominate the world and vanquish all the opposition, but global conquest gets soooo tiring ;P

  15. LOL I was one of the “negative” comments on the Java…it wasn’t anything personal.

    Chalk up another one for Jerry! Great content, great enthusiasm, great topics, great entertainment, great quality…you’re just great Jerry. Always a great time at your kitchen table bro!

  16. New to the site here and my first comment. Came here by way of YouTube.

    Wonderful review Jerry! Like other have said your enthusiasm really draws people in. You’re definitely a people person. I like how you don’t spoon feed us in your reviews. You give us your thoughts but not too much where it feels dull or boring. You give us just enough info for us to go out and try it ourselves. Is there a way to subscribe just to your videos? No offense to the others who do reviews here but you’re my favorite by far.

  17. Very enjoyable review! Like others have said, all around one of your best! Its up there.

    I’ve said it before but I’d be interested in your setup and your process in doing your videos. Really great quality.

    Its great to know how you feel about other blogs. You truly are a great Ambassador!

    Loved the review and can’t wait to try the La Riqueza.

  18. Wow! Thanks for forcing me to come here from YouTube. I just thought you were on YouTube. So much more here and other reviewers too! Its just so easy on YouTube.

    Really enjoyed this review! Will have to look for these next time at my cigar shoppe. Do you think you will be uploading high quality videos on YouTube?

  19. You people are the shit! Lots of comments! Me likey comments! Maybe I should reply to comments in a video?

    BJ – Good luck on the cigar blog. Let me know when it is up. I’m planning on a post over at my personal blog to go over my equipment and process for doing my videos.

    Tony – Oui Parle Francais will be back…I usually use a different song when I post outside of my normal slot. Fan of the cigar nutrition? I will have to go back and it then. I’m really not a typer and the less I do of it, the better.

    Cigar Spy – I have problems with my R’s and W’s speaking English let alone another language. LOL. I’m just going to record you saying the name of some of these and then play them back when I need to.

    Nate – World domination takes a lot of work and you have to deal with all the bodies. πŸ™‚

    Kirk – I wasn’t personally offended at all. I do remember people asking me to review the Java but maybe they thought I wouldnt give it a positive review?

    Burt – LOL no way to subscribe just to me unless you stick to YouTube. I’m happy I’m your favorite but Walt & Brian do a bang up job too and maybe they will grown on you.

    Tom – SR being the premier site goes without saying bro! For me, its all about having fun, being accessible and long ashes!

  20. So I guess Vic was right? You do like wearing pink shirts? LOL

    Also, is there a reason why Walt and Brian post numerous times a week but you only do one post a week?

  21. La Requiza is the bomb……………… pepper in the beginning then woodsy cedary sweetness followed by an end of vanilla awesome cigar … just should be 6 dollars and not 9….

  22. dude im smoking a #3 la riqueza roght now i have 3 boxes of them a 1 box of robusto and 2 boxes of #2 and man these cigars are beautifull they look awsome maybe the cigars you got came from a bad batch or something cause everyone of my boxes are great looking


  24. has the #3 on sale today for $99.95. Incredible deal. This cigar is excellent. I like the #1 the best but they are all excellent.

  25. great review honest and worthwhile there is depth to this review well done!!. This is the first cigar that I’ve had in the US that is close to a cuban. will continue to follow Mr Johnson’s cigars

  26. I’m am smoking the La Riqueza No. 3 right now as I watch your video Jerry (@ 7:09) and laughing my ass off as almost the exact same time as you I am realizing the changes in context of this stick. Brother, you remind me so much of one of my buddies from when I was a little younger. I would love to hang out with you and kill a couple brews and blaze a few sticks brother! Keep puffing!

    Keep those ashes long,

  27. Hi Jerry,

    Great review! I have recently started living in the US and before was used to smoking Cubans. I thought there was too much emphasis placed on these cigars but found that non Cubans left me very dissatisfied. I found La Riqueza No 3 about 6 months ago and love them! So it is good you are spreading the word. With a glass of cognac, life doesn’t get much better, as you contemplate how much you are blessed!

    Keep up the good work and enjoy especially on Christmas Day!

    CJ is right as close as a cuban, Mr Johnson is the man!

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