CAO MX3 (Escaparate)

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CAO MX3 (Escaparate)


Thanks to Walt and Brian for filling in for me in my normal spots. Its great to be feeling better and back in the saddle again and what a cigar I have for you!

I mentioned some of this over on My Daily Cigar but the CAO MX3 is part of CAO’s Escaparate collection. The Escaparate collection consists of 330,000+ cigars in an ‘in-the-round’ walk-in humidor. These are special cigars that CAO has made as potential new blends or for special events, etc, and are generally not available to the public. About 5 years ago, CAO decided to release some of their Escaparate to select retailers.

Video runs a little longer than normal at 17:45 as I take the time to answer three questions that I’m sure you’re asking yourself. (1) Whose all maduro cigar (Camacho or CAO) came first? (2) How does the MX3 compare to the MX2? (3) Which is better? The CAO MX3 or Camacho Triple Maduro? All my answers are of course, my own opinion and I forget to say it in the video but this, the final contest ends Sunday night.

More Info on CAO Escaparate
Our “friends” over at Cigar Aficionado have a well made and informative video (damn them and their $$$) about CAO’s Escaparate. They do a much better job describing it than I do so be sure to check it out.

How To Order:
If you’d like to order the CAO MX3 cigars & caps (free with a purchase of a 5 pack) they are available ONLY at W. Curtis Drapers in D.C. (800) 572-2382. Ask for Matt and tell him Jerry from The Stogie Review sent you. You won’t get anything out of it but it scores us some points with the Draper boys for use in the future.


115 thoughts on “CAO MX3 (Escaparate)

  1. Awesome video Jerry! Watching you struggle to find the right words was my exact experience Sunday night with my first Mx3. ‘Rich’ is definitely the best way to describe it. (As I write this I have remorse for putting one in the Cigar Pass, . . . oh well) This is an amazingly incredible smoke. It is pricey, but well worth it. – As for my favorite CAO….that’s tough. It can vary. 4 months ago I’d have said a toss up between the America and Brazilia. Now I’d have to add the Lx2 as one of my current favorites. Ask me again after I smoke a few more Mx3’s…I’m sure it’ll near the top of the list soon.

    1. This cigar is also now available at Burns Tobacconist in Chattanooga, TN as well. It is exclusive to Drapers and to Burns. The Burns version display their store graphic and is named “423” after the area code in Chattanooga, TN. A store called Uptown located in Nashville, TN has a similar cigar named “615” which is also named after the local area. Enjoy!

  2. Wow, what I wouldn’t give to try this stick. My favorite CAO is a toss up between the Italia and the Brazilia, with maybe an edge to the Brazilia because of the complexity in my humble opinion. I tried the LX2 recently and I’m still debating in my head the experience. I do have some more and will try one in the near future to arrive at my final analysis. Great review as usual. Keep em comin.

  3. I saw this stick in a video on…….well some “friend’s” site. Your video is way better though.For a while the Mx2 was my favorite CAO. I’m a definite maduro fan and it was always a consistantly good smoke. This past Christmas however, I was introduced to the Lx2. It has been my favorite CAO ever since. I love the spiciness. It isn’t weak but it doesn’t knock my big butt out either. It really made my holiday that much better. Christmas is better with a Lx2. I think the Mx3 could knock it off the pedistal though.

    Now imagine an Lx3…………..

  4. Great review Jerry it’s tough for me to say what’s my favorite cao because i was so turned off by my first experience which was a cao gold natural. I found it to be bitter and just not enjoyable im not sure if it was just a dud or if that particular cigar is no good. I do have a cao criollo in my humidor and have also been wanting to try the cao brazilia. I guess my favorite cao is the gold cause it’s the only one i’ve tried even though i didnt like it.

  5. Great to hear my name thrown around so liberally… makes me feel appreciated!

    I think my fav CAO is the LX2… Its one that just knocks my socks off (which reminds me I need to get some more). I love the Italia and the Brazilia for their unique flavors, but if I had a choice of all CAO brands, in front of me, the LX2 would be the one I pick up.

    Great review as always, I like the compare and contrast dialog!

  6. I like the America. It is one of the few barberpole cigars that can encompass the best of both worlds equally.

  7. Great review Jerry. I’m a big fan of the Triple Maduro and would love to give one of these a shot. Though I must say I find CAO to be like McDonald’s, no matter what you order, it all sorta tastes the same. 😀

  8. Great review Jerry ( as always). CAO makes some great cigars with the Brazilia and Italia being a couple of my favorites. I do have a couple of LX2’s waiting in my humidor though just waiting to be smoked.

  9. Another solid review, Jerry. Of the CAO’s I’ve tried, the Brazilia (specifically the Gol! size) is my favorite. The America is a close second with the Mx2 wrapping up the 3rd. spot. Something about the Brazilia just clicks for me, although I’m always looking to try new things and may have to order some of these when I get paid (assuming all of us vultures here don’t buy them before I get my hands on them!…lol)

    Keep up the great work, man!

  10. Very nice review Jerry. The pics in the beginning were very nice!

    My fav. CAO is the America, but I think that this Mx3 is sounding pretty damn tasty!

  11. Fantastic review Jerry! I’m new to your site and this is my first time leaving a comment on any of the reviews. I have tried other cigars that you have recomended
    ( med. body ) and your reviews were on the money, so this new CAO sounds like the best of the best as far as CAO’S or any med. body maduro. my fav. CAO is also the Brazilia go! It would be awesome to be able to try a couple of these smokes!! Thanks for all the great reviews and the beat damm cigar review site going!!

  12. Nice review! I can’t wait to give one of those a try since I love maduros. My favortie CAO is a toss up between the Gold Maduro and the America.

  13. I need to try some of these! My favorite CAO is definitely the Italia, with the Brazilia being a close second.

  14. Wow. I may have to make the trip up to Drapers. my favorite CAO by far is the LX2 Lancero. Awsome smoke.

  15. I’m not a big CAO smoker, but it sounds good. I might be going into the city this weekend, I might stop by Drapers and check it out. All though there is no place to sit over there LOL

    Great job on the review!

  16. Great review. By far my favorite cigar is the Brazilia. The Soprano is a great cigar too but not worth the price.

  17. GREAT review – just nice to see a veteran smoker stumble to find the right words! I would have had a video that was 4 hours till I could describe it

    Favorite CAO’s – so far the Sopranos, CX2!!!!, Gold(losing ground though with tar and burn problems)…I have a bunch to try from the Champions set I got, so we shall see if that list grows!

    Of course I am bowing out of the drawing since i just won the last one! Just wanted to give some comment love.


  18. My current favorite CAO is the LX2 Lancero. Hopefully when I get my MX3’s from the Great Torpedo I will have a new favorite cigar! I bet a fresh roasted peaberry from Panama would go great with an MX3!

  19. My favorite CAO is the Brazilia Box-Press, but I haven’t had a chance to get my hands on the LX2 Lancero yet, so it could be displaced.

  20. My favorite is the Brazilia Samba, I have tried the other sizes and have found the Samba to have the most complex flavor.

    Damn Jerry, I’m glad you got that raise ’cause these cigar giveaway’s (comment purchases) are the SHIT!

  21. Great review Jerry. My favorite CAO has always been the Brazilia. I ran out of them a while ago and was gifted a box of LX2’s so I have been smoking a ton of those lately.

    I am curious to know how Drapers gets the exclusive rights to these. Is CAO going to release any of the other cigars in their escaparate ?

    Also, Shazam has failed me. What is the song that was playing in the beggning of the review ?

  22. I seem to have the same taste you do Jerry. Off-hand, I’d automatically say, the Brazillia is my favorite, but the Criollo is darn close. Then again, depending on my mood, I might prefer an Italia, Gold, MX2, CX2…

  23. Very nice review.

    My favorite CAO? I’d have to go with the Brazillia Box-Pressed. The Brazillia has a great flavor profile to begin with, but I don’t know what it is about box-pressing them, but that one stands above the other sizes.

  24. Jerry, I’ve been checking out your site daily since last fall and I have to admit I’m extremely impressed with your reviews! I’m a big fan of the CAO Italia (Piazza) and America (Landmark). I’ve enjoyed the LX2 and MX2, but if I had to pick just one CAO cigar it would be the Italia. Thanks for keeping us informed with excellent reviews!

  25. I loved the video! And as others have said, it was fun watching you trying to find the right words! :-). As for my favorite CAO, that’s a very tough choice! I tend to like milder cigars, so I love the Golds. But I consider a Soprano, America, Brazilia and/or Italia to be my top special occasion cigars. Of course, I haven’t had the pleasure of trying the CX2, LX2, MX2 nor MX3 yet … But I’m always open for new opportunities ! 🙂

  26. You’re torturing me here Jerry.
    I’ve picked up a few cigars based on your reviews and have not been disappointed yet. I love the Mx2 and the Brazilia but you make the Mx3 sound incredible. They are a little out of my price range right now and wining a five pack would be awesome. Here’s hoping!
    Thanks for the great review and another giveaway.

  27. Tough call: I have a (very slight) preference for the Brazilia over the Italia; depends on my mood on a given day. The old CAO Black is still hard to beat as an everyday smoke; and the VR is an excellent combo of Black with the addition of the Brazilian arapiraca wrapper. I like the MX2’s as well, but they are farther down my list. Would love to try these MX3’s, though, and see how the additional maduro component adds to the blend.

  28. Nice review. It’s nice to see some LE or hard to find smokes reviewed. My favorite CAO is the Brazilia. It was the 2nd cigar I ever smoked and I fell in love w/ them ever since.

  29. Sounds like an interesting smoke but $11 bucks for any CAO sounds to steep to me. My favorite CAO would be the Italia novella especially for the price they can be had for.

  30. Jerry,

    Another winner from Timer’s good times crew!!! Our favorite CAO is the gold double corona. Keep up the great reviews we watch you everyday at the store.
    p.s. Let us know if you’re getting our pictures, this one is of us puffin’ on a La Flor Dominicana Box press #3
    Take is easy buddy.
    /var/folders/EK/EKI-u3f5FguqJ93NR+ODGE+++TI/-Tmp-/ 7.jpg

  31. Hi Jerry,

    Favorite CAO is the Black Bengal from CI. Balanced and creamy. But it is not my favorite cigar overall…that honor goes to the Oliva Master Blends 3.

    Marc E.

  32. Nice review Jerry! This is my first time posting but I’ve been following this site for about a year. I’ve always enjoy your reviews (and those from Walt and Brian). Keep up the great work!

    My favorit CAO is the Brazilia Gol, follow by the LX2 and Soprano.

    BTW, may be you can do a comparison b/w this and other Escaparates (Ecuadorian and Costa Rican I think?).

  33. Hi Jerry
    God to se you up and running again. I haven’t tasted any C.A.O. yet ,but i am planing to get C.A.O. Mx2 Rob from my cigar shop. I don’t think they have the MX3 inn stock.

  34. Great job Jerry (as always), I wish Brian was not so camera shy cuz he does a good job too. and for Walt he is too DAMN PERFECT.
    Don’t comment much but never miss your article’s your right there with CSI and DEADLIEST CATCH.
    as for my favorite CAO it is the gold and brazilia, as a matter of fact just got a box of gold.
    Question: when you measure the ring of a cigar, do you measure the foot or the cap?

  35. Nice review Jerry! My favorite CAO is the Brazilia. I smoked one of those and then I ordered an entire box. It was my first box purchase and I’m glad I bought it!

    Keep up the great reviews!

  36. Jerry,
    PICK ME, PICK ME, PICK ME!! I need to try one of those. You do a great job at selling the great ones, for sure.

  37. I had my first CAO today. a gold torpedo, was nice, kinda mellow, which is something for me being a relative new smoker. Have a CAO maduro that i am gonna smoke soon, so having the mx3’s to compare to would be wonderful

  38. Another nice review. I like alot of CAO’s but my fave would be the Gold Maduro. Would love to try the MX3.

    BTW your Rocky winter review made me try them and it’s been my daily smoke sinnce then 🙂

  39. Great review Jerry! My still-favorite CAO is the Brazilia. Looking forward to getting ahold of these MX3’s. Keep up the great work.

  40. welcome back Jerry. Glad you are feeling better. I think that once I win the 5-pack (LOL) the MX3 will be my new favorite CAO stick but until then it is the Brazilia seconded by the MX2.

  41. CAO is one of the first marques I ever smoked and I love nearly all of them: Black, Black VR, Brazilia, CX2, Cammie Anniversaire, MX2, Gold Maddie. Couldn’t hang with the one Criollo I tried but that was a long time ago (have to try it again). My favorite forever has been the Italia: sweet, distinctly different flavor than most other cigars in my humi. Well, I should say WAS my fav until the LX2 came out. I ran to the B&M when I heard they were in just based on RTDA reviews. They were not wrong. I am a huge Ligero fan and CAO did it right. Not the slam of a JdN Antaño but more refined (love Antaños BTW). Really different than the LFD Double Ligeros I also am a huge fan of. Ligero and smooth are two words I would not have put together but CAO has managed to do it. That has defined “rich” for me lately.

    Still to try: America, MX3, Vision. I *will* try them all! 🙂

  42. Great review as always. I like a rich maduro. I have to say that my favorite CAO is the L’Aniversaire maduro. This probably the most consistent CAO I have smoked.

  43. Jerry, nice work, as always! You know, expresso is not the coffee you always refer to, espresso is 🙂 May be writing all these regular expressions at work gets to you 🙂
    I have only tried 2 CAO cigars: White I didn’t care for and Brazilia which was OK but not ‘wow’ for me. So, for me, Brazilia is the one. CAO’s marketing just gets to me, like Ghurka’s, and makes me skip their products when shopping.

  44. I think you are right the F$%^& on with this review and I know you will want me to get the freebie cause I want to hear about your new humidor. i know you love your RJ humidor so let us know a bit more about your new box. Well the truth us I am in the market for one right now and would love to have the MX3’s as the first ones to store and enjoy as the the year goes on.

  45. “If you’d like to order the CAO MX3 cigars & caps (free with a purchase of a 5 pack) they are available ONLY at W. Curtis Drapers in D.C. (800) 572-2382. Ask for Matt and tell him Jerry from The Stogie Review sent you. ”

    Okay so now you’re plugging and in fact pushing traffic to specific individual B&Ms which is yet another sign that Stogie Review is being heavily influenced by outside parties.

    “You won’t get anything out of it but it scores us some points with the Draper boys for use in the future.”

    Let me rephrase that: “You won’t get anything out of it but we will”

    Well gee thanks a lot, I’m glad I could benefit you by doing as I’m told like a good little sheep.

    Why not recommend Ozio Martini or maybe Georgetown Tobacco?? Why show favoritism to Drapers over those shops? Oh that’s right, because of some lame exclusivity clause. I wonder why that is? Oh wait, isn’t that also the place where Pete Johnson was interviewed? Ahhh ok now it’s starting to make sense…

    1. Way to be a jerk “bill h”. At the time of the review, it was exclusive to Drapers (and AFAIK still is). He’s not showing favoritism to Drapers, simply stating a fact that you could only pick up the MX3 at Drapers.

      Speaking of “yet another sign”, here sir is yours: seek life elsewhere.

  46. Jerry, Great review. You made me want to go out and buy an Mx3 rightaway. Instead, I’ll be giving Draper’s a call first thing in the morning.
    Thanks for your “hard work”. Keep it up, and Go O’s! I HATE the fucking Yankees.


  47. bill h – man we seem not to be in step lately bro. The reason why I included the how to order information was to be proactive because I knew one of the most asked questions would be “how do I get these?” just like it was on Twitter.

    Why don’t I talk about Georgetown Tobacco or Ozio is because Georgetown Tobacco isn’t as close as Drapers is and Ozio is a bar that happens to sell over priced cigars.

    And yes, Drapers is where I’ve interviewed Pete. You know why? Because Pete doesn’t go to Georgetown Tobacco and again, Drapers is one Metro stop away from my work.

    “You won’t get anything out of it but we will” that’s correct but not complete “and in turn can pass on to you”.

    You see Bill…guess how much $$$ we make off of SR? Its just enough to cover the hosting costs. Thats about it. I’d say 90% of the cigars we smoke, come out of our pocket just like these did mine. We don’t get paid or kick backs. We do this for fun and to bring a little information and entertainment to those who share our common interest.

    I apologize if my reviews or endorsing an exclusive cigar carried by a B&M that I frequent offends you. I hate to see anyone question my objectivity as without it, the blog means nothing.

    1. Ignore him Jerry, you guys do a fantastic job. There will always be a circle-jerker out there that just wants to flame on like the little Bics they are. Rock on and keep up the great reviews!

  48. Bill H-
    If you really think Jerry is doing this to promote his b&m that he frequents, or to make $$, you are sadly mistaken my friend. I run a cigar review blog myself, and while its not anywhere near the quality and classiness of this place, its mine, none the less. I make NO money on it, and I still love doing it… Its all about the fun Bill.

  49. Love the review. I’d love to enter your drawing, even though I won’t win. 🙂

    My favourite CAO cigar (and one of my favourite cigars in general) is the Mx2, though it’s too spendy to buy often. Failing that, my other favourite CAO is the Gold Maduro, which was one of my first cigars.

    Long ashes, and see you on the SR forum!

  50. Great job Jerry!
    My favorite CAO was the Cx2, but since I cant find those anymore, it will be the CAO America, in the Landmark size!! Great smokes for patriotic holidays or when you just wanna relax!

  51. First, I agree with Chuck regarding the Brazilia Box Press….probably my favorite CAO with the Lx2 running a close second.

    Second, Bill H…how do I say this politically…um, FUCK YOU. You clearly have no idea what you are talking about. You won’t find a more honest, generous, straightforward, no bullshit cigar guy anywhere on the web. I can’t imagine what would motivate you to post such a cynical post….unless it is a joke (which I hope it is).

    I sure hope you aren’t someone posting semi-anonymously from Camacho, because that would be way uncool.

    Now if you were Don Pepin’s daughter (what was her name again?) and pissed about the 5 Vegas Knuckle review….I would understand. Let’s face it, Jerry was just wrong about that cigar. =)

  52. Jerry, what did we discuss about secret kickbacks? Clearly we’re gonna have to let you go. LOL Sorry, couldn’t resist.

    Seriously though, great review man. Dammit, I’m gonna have to go order some now too. Right now my favorite CAO stick is the LX2 lancero, but hold on, don’t put me in the drawing. I don’t want my motives questioned too! (My not-too-secret motive would be wanting more smokes without paying for them. LOL)

    We seriously need to put up a FAQ page and officially dispel this myth that we make oodles of cash off this hobby. (I’d love it if we did. More reviews! More giveaways! LOL) Or that we have any sort of behind-the-scenes obligations to ANY manufacturer or retailer. The only ones making any real money off this website is our credit card companies when we buy sticks for reviews.

    And to Anthony,
    We don’t have an official policy against Cigar Aficionado. Some like ’em, some don’t. I subscribe to the magazine because it’s often interesting reading. I also frequently visit their website for information while researching cigars. Speaking for myself only, I wish them well, and am appreciative of the positive things they’ve done for the cigar industry. (Even if it means the latest highly rated cigar disappears from shop shelves for months and months. LOL)

  53. Nice review Jerry, I would like to note I don’t know if I have seen you so enthusiastic about a stogie before… These must be good! My favorite CAO would have to be the Brazilian Gol!

    A side note though… Bill H… Even if Jerry actually did plug a local B&M because it means he would get a kickback to keep the site going, WHY DO YOU CARE? Do you enjoy coming to this site? Do you enjoy the free reviews they give? Ok, then get over it and grow up. You sound like you are probably invested in one of the other local B&M’s, and that is just getting your panties in a bunch. Jerry we are behind you and we know as always you are being objective in your review. Honestly I would say 99.99% of the people that visit this site and watch reviews, and only take these reviews with a grain of salt because everyones flavor profile is different. Great review again Jerry, and I just realized you are giving up $50 bucks in stogie to us…. You are a good and clinically insane man.

  54. Jerry, great review as usual! You already know my standard answer for questionable replies: “Joke them if they can’t take a fuck!” If you don’t like what’s said in the reviews here, or question the reviewers’ objectivity, go watch reviews somewhere else. There are plenty of reviewers online, none as good as SR, but they’re out there!

  55. Another great review Jerry.

    Ok, I’ll rise to the challenge of my favorite CAO cigars and I’ll even add in a bonus, I’ll make a list. Man, I love lists!!!

    1. CAO MX2
    2. CAO L’Anniveraire Cameroon
    3. CAO Criollo
    4. CAO America
    5. CAO CX2
    6. CAO Gold
    7. CAO Soprano
    8. CAO Brazillia

    Haven’t tried the many others. On my list to try, the Italia then the Lx2


  56. Ok, i know this is my second comment but man…this bill h guy is really taking this all a bit too seriously…Jesus man, you dont have too visit this site and how really cares if they (Jerry, Walt and Brian) get a few gifts along the way? I cant speak for everyone but i keep coming back, reading and watching the reviews because i enjoy it…i may be critical of some of the smokes sometime but thats just because i am a bit of a snob. Sorry…what was my point again? Ah yes…Bill h, God bless you man but come on.

  57. Great review Jerry! Hey, remember, hate mail is a compliment. It’s all good.

    Bill H. – The SR guys work hard to provide free content to us. If they have sponsors that ease the financial pain, more power to them. Cigars aren’t cheap. Start your own cigar blog (and pay for hosting) with regular content, and you’ll see what I mean. The $$$ adds up quickly.

    As for integrity, I know for a fact that SR only does honest reviews and does not bend the truth to suit a sponsor.

    As for pimping a particular B&M or site, more power to them. I pimp Ed’s shop constantly with complete confidence. If anyone had/has a problem with it, I really couldn’t care less. It’s all good.

    Good times!

  58. From CAO its got to be the MX2 followed by the LX2 and the America. You guys never fail to provide great reviews, thanks a million keep up the good work. Big props to Ed & Tom as well, you two are always enjoyable to listen to. Puff away and smoke all day.

  59. Nice review on the MX3. Gotta get one or two. . .or five. My favorite CAO has to be the Brazilia. The box press is my favorite in that line but I also like the Gol. The LX2 is also beginning to grow on me.

  60. Jerry,

    Thanks for another great review! Normally I might hesitate to pay up for this cigar, but after your review I’ve got to try it. Bill should take a hike if he doesn’t like it here! I for one am very appreciative to get good info. before I spend my hard earned cash on a new cigar. So thanks again! My favorites are the brazilia and the mx2 by the way.

  61. Jerry. Great site. Can’t wait to buy the mx3. Never knew it exsisted. My favorite cao is the mx2. Or the Brasilia. Depends on the day. Great work!!!

  62. Jerry,

    Thank you again for a great review! My favorite CAO is the mx2. I may have to try to get my hands on some mx3’s.

  63. Jerry,

    Nice review! I don’t know how its possible to have a better maduro besides the Camacho Triple. Guess you’ll have to pick me for you contest. And to qualify my favorite CAO cigar is the Brazillia GOL!

  64. Another awesome review!!! I need to try some of these cigars they sound great. Being new to Cigars….. I have not tried any CAO cigars yet but do have a CAO America in my humidor.

  65. good morning all my cigar lover friends. Jerry I just bought 10 mx3’s from your guy. I can’t wait. But 5 more would be cool. I already left a comment. But I was wondering how we will know when we win. Take care all

  66. Jerry,

    Another fine job! Between this site and your daily cigar journal I am jealous! I need the secret to finding the time to enjoy all these great smokes.

    My favorite CAO is the Criollo, I sometimes shy away from CAO as they are inconsistent between lines. The LX2 is good, the America was the dullest cigar I think I have ever lit….

    Sidenote to Bill H.

    If Jerry can get his smokes for free to review, more power to him! I doubt he could fake a review on video…..

    I also talk to many of the top people at the cigar co.s and while they would be disappointed in a less than favorable review, they would all appreciate an honest assessment of their product.

    Jerry, keep up the good work and pick me!

    Craig……..I’m off to call Drapers before they run out!

  67. Great video. It made my mouth water thinking about smoking that great cigar. My go to CAO cigar is the Criollo. Keep up the great reviews!

  68. hey guys its me again. I just wanted to let everyone know that I called drapers and ordered 6 beli and 4 rob with shipping and tax it was 136 which is well worth it. Most likely John will pick up. He is extremely cool and knows his stuff when it comes to cigars, especially maduro. I suggest everyone call, even if its just to talk to him if you have questions, we spent a half hour talking, i live in CT but in actually going to go down to visit, anyway, i hope this isnt a dream, because i had no idea about mx3, Drapers is the only place, and will be the only place to sell these, so get them while you can, Jerry, thanks for putting me on to these bro, i cant wait till tuesday!!!!!

  69. My Favorite CAO cigars are the Criollo and the Vision. I dont think the Criollo gets the hype of the other blends in the CAO lineup, but to me its a great smoke, and the Vision had all that hype behind it, and too me it lived up. The humidor box might be for shit, but I think the cigars have all the flavors I love.

  70. Astute review as usual Jerry,

    I will have to put one of those on my short-list.

    I myself am a fan of the CAO Italia… and not just because my name ends in a vowel, paisano!

  71. Which Draper shop would be the closest drive from Norfolk, VA?
    I’d have to say that my favorite CAO cigar is actually an exclusive cigar available in Emerson’s of VA. I’m not sure if you’ve heard of it but it’s CAO Escaparate Habano. Real nice oily light brown wrap, a smooth medium body smoke & lots of flavor.

  72. Thanks for the informative review!
    Best CAO is definitely the Brazilia in my opinion. I have some Gold that’s just sitting around… I’ll trade you those for some MX3s? 😉

  73. My favorite CAO is the MX2 since I am quite the maduro freak. In your video, you said you couldn’t think of another maduro that blew you away with its complexity and richness…What about the La Riqueza and Cubao? Those are probably two of my favorite sticks….they also seem to have the same wrapper, but I could be wrong.

    Thanks for the great review…hope I win!!!

  74. To Bill H – get some perspective. If you feel the way that you do, don’t frequent this site. No one is forcing you to watch, listen and post. Free country, remember?Lord knows, most of us would prefer you keep snide comments off the blog.

    I should also state that I disagree with you. I also don’t care one bit if these guys make money and get freebies for plugging vendors. It is still possible to do this and provide honest reviews. Personally, I don’t understand how these guys can afford to do this at all without getting cigars gifted to them. My wife would have a freaking heart attack if I purchased that many sticks!!!! Not to mention that she would never kiss me due to the constant cigar-breath!

    Anyway…relax dude and enjoy. That’s what cigars are all about, remember? You doofus.

  75. Wow–

    I’m a big CAO fan, and this review has me all worked up! The MX2 has long been my favorite CAO, with the Italia, Anniversary Camaroon, and Brazilia following very near behind.

    Thanks for doing this review, I can’t wait to get a few of these in my hands–just what I’ve been waiting for. Great review–awesome. Have a good one.

  76. hi jerry eric again dude were was the cap you said you was gona show? lol…anyway i talked to draper and im gona buy me some of these bad boy’s i been looking for these way way before they came out james suckling showed me these about 5 years ago they didint even have a band on them ohh and james suckling from cigar aficianado….were are my tatuaje noellas reserva you said you wasn gona send? i wana send you some stuff to man so let me know if you sent thoes so i can get my cigars out to you….i just bought a box of tatuaje regios reserva from drapers or i think it was them anyway my favorate cao would be a few……cao italia…..cao brazilia……cao criollo……cao lx2…..cao sopranos……cao escaparate bratalia from ovtc take care man keep the reviews comming it takes me a hour to watch a 17min viedo cause my computer has to much shit in it

  77. Just picked up 5 of the MX3 robustos & the free hat. Can’t wait to smoke them. Thanks again for the review Jerry.

  78. I had one of these a few days ago and all I can say is…Wow! This cigar definitely should be sold widely instead of just through an exclusive retailer. Great flavor…much better than the Camacho Triple Maduro…and lots of body and strength. Gotta get more of these….

  79. I remember smoking the LX2 when it came out. I could not believe it was a CAO. Unfortunately, the torpedo size has always been plugged when I tried, so I ordered a box of robusto….fantastic stick for the money! I think the MX3 is a little pricey but would love to try it!

    I have to make mention of the one response way up near the top! He said his fav was a CAO gold but he hated the cigar when he smoked it! Uhhhhhh……duuuuuuuh!?! :/

  80. Thanks for the heads up Jerry, the drive would have been heck to DC, so I ordered three for my friends and I to try.

  81. If anyone is curious about trying this cigar but a bit skeptic with the quality when compared to the price tag have nothing to worry about. Jerry hit it right on the nail. WOW!!! I was blown away. It is unlike anything else I’ve smoked. They should seriously consider releasing these whether on a limited basis or as part of their normal production. this cigar is beyond normal, way beyond. I was already enjoying the pre-light draw so much that I didn’t want to light it, no exaggeration. This one is definitely worth filling a humidor for. It’s intense, not in body, but in flavor. What an extraordinary job the folks over at CAO did with this remarkable cigar. Many thanks to CAO and for sharing with us this very rare but valuable gem.

  82. I know the “contest” is over..but I’m big on the America Potomac and the Gold Maduro. Both are terrific stogies that are rich with flavor, low in spiciness (not a big spicy guy), and are smooth as silk. I’d love to try an MX3….but I’m stuck in Indiana… I guess I’ll have to call up Drapers and see what they can do. Thanks for the review, I always enjoy them 😉

  83. My favorite CAO cigars, are the CAO vison, for its easy yet
    suttle blend, the mx2 for the rich and relaxing and just old school
    cigar feel. also the CAO Sopranos editions. i bought 5 special
    editions and my friends and i smoked the 90 ring shell on new

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