Gurkha Warlord (Special Edition)

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Gurkha Warlord (Special Edition)


I guess “Special” isn’t always used in a positive light. I’m no expert on Gurkha cigars. In fact, I’m really not sure if I’ve smoked anything, ever, from Gurkha before this Warlord. But I do know a little bit about cigars and in all honesty, I found nothing special about this edition of the Gurkha Warlord.

Video runs a little over 15:00 as I bash the Gurkha Warlord for being everything but special.


27 thoughts on “Gurkha Warlord (Special Edition)

  1. Thanks for the honest review Jerry. I’ve had a couple decent Gurkhas, a couple far less than decent ones, and my overall impression of the brand is that it’s overpriced and, for the most part, mediocre. I think you’re better off saving the money and going with Toranos, as they make many of the Gurkhas, IIRC. The brand does have its fans though.

  2. WOW! My local B&M actually told me these things stink when you smoke them, but he did not say how powerful they are! I am glad i never got one to try.

    I would suggest the Gurkha Vintage Shaggy XO – my brother in law and I both smoked one of those and liked it. It is the big 60 ring gauge and its not a quick smoke, but you might like that one. I think I also have some Gurkha Ancient Warriors in my humi yet…might have to get one to you if I still have them for you to try as i think they are pretty good also.

    I think Gurkha has WAY too many “special” things and overpriced things! They should really focus more and make a better product for the consumer.


    I actually called Gurkha with a problem I had with one of their Grand Reserves with cognac and they did not even want to talk to me! I was a lowly consumer and I needed to speak with the store i bought it at – BLAH I dont complain to a company unless there is something really wrong, but this thing was split inside the glass tube and falling apart! Luckily my local guy took care of me because Gurkha sure as hell would not have :p

  3. Jerry,
    Thanks for being straightforward with your review. I have had a few Gurkhas that I enjoyed, but I always thought they were a bit overpriced. I smoked a Gurkha Symphony tonight that I enjoyed, But not something that I would kill to have again. CI had them at a good price, so I indulged myself.
    The band is pretty cool, thought. LOL

  4. yeah that was a shot cigar everyone i had was so bland it was like smoking a leather couch lol….and the smell is very bad like burning leather all i got out of this cigar was a kick in the ass lodt out on $12 and probley missed out on some other good smoke for that price or cheaper but hey man i smoke a fucking leather sofa it was great lol shot cigar man not for me

  5. So Jerry, what did you REALLY think of this stick? 🙂
    I was about to ask if you guys ever reviewed a cigar you didn’t like. Thanks for the honesty. I was laughing my A$$ off watching you choke down that thing. Better luck next time!

  6. I have enjoyed the Gurkha Legend, but I haven’t had one in about a year. Will need to smoke one (maybe tonight) and see how it holds up now that I have had a larger variety of smokes.

  7. Thanks for the heads up… i almost bought a few of these yesterday since i’ve never had one.

  8. I think the background made it plain, these sticks are for the birds.

    I’ve heard a fair amount of praise for the G3, and the little tinned one I had (probably 4 x 42) was a pretty decent smoke. I haven’t had one in a while, but the Nepalese Warrior wasn’t bad, and the Beast was OK too. I think I also like the Regent, but I don’t remember for sure if that’s the one I’m thinking of or not. Maybe it was the Legend? I dunno. Other than that, I’ve been pretty unimpressed.

  9. Jerry,

    As always, I appreciate your unbiased and brutally honest review. You call ’em as you see (taste) ’em; and that’s how is should be.

    I was a caller on the Cigar Dave Show last weekend and I got a Gurkha Beast, Shaggy Foot and some other Gurkha cigars on the way. I’ll let you know what I think post smoke.


  10. Thanks for the honest review. The Nepalese Warrior is the only one that I’ve had that I have finished. I would probably smoke one again, but it’s not something I’m going to go searching for.

  11. Do us all a favor and stop reviewing doggy poo poo and go back to doing Cuban cigars. Also you should shave off that darn ugly beard- I will make u a deal..send me a Gurkha and I will send u a Gillette razor.

  12. Ahhh…so nice to have the site working for me again…haha

    Yeah, I feel you on some (most) of the Gurkha’s being bad/not worth trying. However, the Gurkha Regent, Beast, and Vintage Shaggy are all really good (and if bought online, of a decent price). The Beast/Titan is still my favorite from them (I put the / because I really can’t tell the difference between them other than the Beast being of a more desirable draw IIRC). I’d give one of those a try before completely writing off the brand.

    As always, keep up the good work, man.

  13. Hey Jerry,
    I guess u didn’t like this cigar ah… 🙂 You should try the Gurkha Shaggy and the Legend. You will not be disappointed. The Shaggy is fairly inexpensive too. Great smoke.

  14. not a big gurkha fan…the ones I have smoked all seem a bit flat and one dimensional…not great…def not worth the price IMO


  15. I have had the Black Dragon, Ancient Warrior and Regent torpedo. The Regent is the only one I would smoke again. I wouldnt smoke another black dragon if it was given to me. (and the first one was).

    Nice review. I think the excitment of the show increases as the flavor of the cigar decreases.

  16. Jerry,

    Probably my favorite review yet, thanks for taking one for the team.

    I agree that there are just too many Gurkhas out there and so many of them dont live up to the hype.

    I was also happy to find someone else who didnt like the 5 Vegas Miami Knuckle. Being a Pepin Garcia stick I thought it would be at least decent but the dozen I smoked were nothing but bland at best, sour at worst.

    Keep up the great work!


  17. Jerry, just wanted to say hello, and it was nice meeting you at cigarfest which was fun. I like gurkha cigars especially the centurion and symphony but the titan and beast are very good also.

  18. I will never buy another Warlord. Before I even had the damn thing lit, the wrapper had cracked. After smoking about ten minutes I threw it away as the complete wrapper had fallen off. What trash.

  19. I have liked every warlord that I have smoked. I have never had any troubles with smoking them and they have always been an exceptionally smooth smoke. They are expensive unless you order them by the box. The only Gurkha cigar that I have not liked is the Master Select and I have smoked all of them.

  20. I know more than a handful of folks who have experienced these cigars and loved them. The prelight draw, aroma, flavor, smell and finish have all been considered favorable. So much so, that we’ve all gone on group purchases. Now I don’t know if you consider $198.00 a high price to pay for 33 Churchills (about $6.00 a stick), but we all felt they were worth the price. For those who haven’t tried them , I would personnaly recommend them, but that’s based on my own palate.
    Although I have enjoyed and disliked a wide array of cigars, (many enjoyed by the same group of friends who all enjoyed the Warlords) I have learned that surroundings, food, various beverages, and the age of the cigars as well as other factors, will affect the taste. The single most important fact is the individual’s palate. One man’s sugar is another man’s sh**. I, much like Doug, have had a host of Gurkha cigars and I’ve liked them all.
    I’d recommend finding a group of guys who wouldn’t mind going in on a box (the most cost effective way to go) , throw the cigars in your humidors and let them age for a bit. I just shared a couple that I’ve had for over 14 months and it was an enjoyable experience for both of us. So much so that we’re considering another box purchase (this time just two of us).

  21. This cigar need to be smoked with a glass of strong wine or if you are a straight vodka drinker (stoli is perfect) then you can balance the strength of this stick. otherwise way too strong…

  22. I tried this PURO for the first time. I have to say that this is a cigar with a sure kick and the draw is BEAUTIFUL. Now as we all know (those who have had them) this bad boy is a deff enjoyed with a sweet whiskey, like Jack Red… The Nico keeps you perked up and the note of the whiskey makes it really pop…

  23. Im sorry but a lot of these posts sound like sheep to the reviewer. Smoke the damn thing before you bash it. I’m convinced TGT didn’t like it but some of these posts are drinkin the kool aid. Think for yourself, question authority.

  24. I was smoking the Warlord as I watched your review and you
    are correct. Tasted as I was smoking hay or maybe grass…no not
    that kind!….like what’s in your yard. As to the guy’s that liked
    them…I am sure a few goods ones accidentally slip through, but if
    you purchased a full box, then you will know what we are talking
    about. I will search for more of your reviews, so I can get a
    “heads up” before I purchase next time. Thanks.

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