Camacho Connecticut

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Camacho Connecticut

Camacho Connecticut

Something new and definitely exciting for you this week. The Camacho Connecticut represents the first Connecticut wrapped cigar that Camacho has produced. Available in six sizes including the ever popular 11/18 size.

I have to tell you…I can’t put the Camacho Connecticut down. Its so legit. The Camacho Connecticut wins you over with is elegant smoothness and its winning flavor profile of woodsy, creamy, nutty and a toned down version of that familiar Camacho spice. All wrapped within a beautiful golden brown Connecticut wrapper. The Camacho Connecticut not only sets itself a part from the pack, but its the instant leader. Do yourself a favor, hit up your B&M and give the Camacho Connecticut a try and you’ll know what I’m talking about. Long Ashes!


28 thoughts on “Camacho Connecticut

  1. I’ve never actually smoked a Camacho because they’re out of my price range and I can never find them on sale. But you’ve never steered me wrong, Jerry, so I’m going to have to score one of these somewhere! Great review!

  2. Nice review…definitely going to pick up a few of these next time I go to the B&M!

  3. I most definitely have to find these puppies somewhere! I think the Oliva Connies are a bit to bitey, so this might be perfect. Thanx for another great review!!


    Wishlist – do this same cigar in Cameroon!!! I bet that would be good too!!

  4. ive been excited about this cigar, cant wait to smoke it. i love mild/medium body cigars, THATS MY SHIT!

    good job buddy!! Luv Ya man!

    – Dennis Camacho aka Agent 15 aka The Boss aka The Cigar Spy aka Mr. Fuck Yo Couch!


  5. Jerry,

    It has to be a winner by the way your smile lasted throughout the review. I will seek these out and give you my opinion review at a later date. Great Review as always!


  6. First the triple maduro, now the connecticut. Camacho is on a roll. I’ll definitely give this one a try next time I go for cigars. Great review….oh Great Torpedo.

  7. Nice review. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Though I tend to love everything Camacho, I don’t think this is the cigar for me. Still gonna give it a shot though.

  8. Great… Anothing smoke I can add to my morning/afternoon rotation. I’m going broke!

    I generally like full powerhouse cigars, but I often find myself really liking the milder ones just as much. Great review, I will be trying these thanks to this review…

  9. The RP99 is my favorite connie so far….looks like I will have to pick up some of these and compare.

    Thanks for the review, great job Jerry!

  10. Great review Jerry and sounds like a cigar I’ll have to find. Think after I get my Black Band Project cigars I’ll go on a Camacho kick.

  11. Damn Jerry tell us how you really feel LOL. I love seeing you get that excited about a cigar. It tells me that it is a must try for sure.

  12. Nice review Jerry, when you really like a smoke it shows. I’ll be picking some of these up on the way home!

  13. It’s taken me awhile to finally get around to trying this blend. Sitting down with a Monarca tonight for a review that I’m planning next week.

    So far so good…I can see how you’re such a big fan of this line. The interplay between the lighter wrapper and the heavier binder and filler tobaccos makes for a solid, complex, and well-balanced smoke.

    Hopefully the other sample I bought to try smokes just as well…

  14. hey Jerry, how did you cut this cigar? i smoked one last night and used a v-cutter, but the draw on it was quite weak. i had to puff on it two or three times to get an even small amount of smoke, it was a good tasting cigar but the smoke output was very very minimal. was it a fluke? or do you think it has to do with the way i cut it?

  15. I love the Camacho Connecticut but the local store got into a beef with Camacho and quit selling it. You compared the Camacho Connecticut to another cigar which I’m not familiar with and I can’t make out what that cigar is. It’s the “something” Miami Edition.

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