Casa Fernandez Arsenio 2009

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Casa Fernandez Arsenio 2009


Happy New Year! 2009 was an amazing year for me with the birth of my petite corona, for cigars and a record breaking year for Stogie Review! If 2010 is as good as the Casa Fernandez Arsenio then 2010 is shaping up to be even better. The Casa Fernandez Arsenio definitely lays a solid foundation for the year ahead. The Casa Fernandez Arsenio is a Nicaraguan Puro with a Corojo 2006 wrapper and all of its tobacco is Aganorsa leaf. While I don’t know what Aganorsa leaf is (hopefully someone will inform me) I hear its good stuff.

Casa Fernandez Arsenio isn’t named after the famed night show host but for Master Blender Arsenio Ramos who left Cuba and is now doing his own thing in Nicaragua for Paul Palmer and Tabacalera Tropical (same people make the Illusione lines). With its economical price, classic medium to full body transition and a wealth of rich, espresso and peppery flavors, the Casa Fernandez Arsenio is a instant hit.

Contest – Lets kickoff the New Year with a contest. Just leave a comment and tell me what your New Year’s Resolution for 2010 is. Winner of a box of Casa Fernandez Arsenio will be picked at random. Comments must be submitted by January 7, 2010. One entry per person and don’t cheat by entering from multiple email addresses.


121 thoughts on “Casa Fernandez Arsenio 2009

  1. My family and I are in the process of moving from AZ to WA (smoker unfriendly state). I had to come up 2 months early and have missed my family and smoking buddy dearly. I resolve to make sure my wife and son know how much I appreciate them, every day this new year and that my son and I set aside at least one night every week to enjoy a good cigar and discussion – no interruptions.

    1. don’t do it ! Just start lifting weights and eating right. You can do it all on your own. Lift five days a week and eat right.

  2. My New Years 2K10 resolution is to better convince myself that I can smoke more cigars and play more golf while still spending quality time with my family as desired by my wonderful, loving, and (most importantly) understanding wife!!!

  3. Great review man – love the glasses =)

    Of course – remove me from the drawing – but my resolution would be to get some bangin bling just like you have – damn, white people shouldn’t say shit like that, just sounds wrong – LOL


  4. I plan to smoke more and better cigars this year. Stogie Review will continue to be a great help in this regard, as the reviews help me determine what cigars I will try.

  5. Sounds like a good stick! I’d say my New Year’s Resolution for 2k10 would be to get better at time-management so I’m not so stressed out when deadlines come up.

  6. My 2010 resolution is all health related – trying to gain 10 pounds of muscle and add over 50 pounds to my bench press…and still enjoy cigars at the same time, haha!

  7. I resolve to spend less time working and studying, freeing up more time to spend with my wife and kids (and more time to smoke in the man cave).

  8. I have so many things to do, My New Years resolution is to get my ass in gear and get them done starting with getting my job back although I have no control over any projects we wuold like to see come back. It may be time to look into different fields. Second is to try and cut done on my stress.

  9. My res this year is to kick the wife out of the kitchen and learn how to cook something that isn’t grilled.

    BTW — Aganorsa is Eduardo Fernandez’s company, which merged with Tropical at some point and is part of Casa Fernandez. (Agricola Ganadera Nortena S.A. is what it stands for.) It’s basically the farming and leaf processing part of the the operation, which is supposedly the biggest in Nicaragua. DPG, Padilla, Illusione — a lot of the great Nicaraguan cigar makers have used Aganorsa leaf. Great stuff.

  10. My res would be to learn more about cigars, loose about 15lbs and keep it off. spend quality time with my family. be a good human

  11. My resolution is to smoke every single cigar that exists. If they’re a blind hermit in the foothills of Cape Verde that rolls a cigar, I want to smoke it.

  12. In 2010, I’m going to LIVE!
    I’m traveling to places I love, I’m eating good food, I’m mixing my favorite cocktails, and I’m smoking some great cigars.

  13. My resolution is to be the best father I can. With my family split now and my kids not knowing what the future holds, I resolve to be the stability they need.

  14. New years resolution is to become more knowledgable in the cigar world. Provide a great liveing for my family and be healty

  15. My New Years Resolution(s) will be to: (A) Find a job that i truly love (B) Get in better shape (C) Smoke More Cigars and breathe less air (D) Win a contest…whether it be on Stogie review, Twitter, or Podcast…It’s the first step to a better year….and just for Jerry (E) Smoke a 5 Vegas Miami Knuckle at least once every month.

  16. my resolution is to lose some weight so i can go skydiving again this year, and to try a room 101 cigar that i have heard so much about.

  17. First a question, then a resolution…

    It seems that we share smoking lounges. I try to avoid smoking cigars with more delicate wrappers, like cameroons, in the winter to try and avoid cracks in the wrapper form forming. What types of cigars do you find most outdoor friendly for cold northeast weather? Do you do anything special like slightly over or under humidifying the cigars before you take them outside?

    My New Year’s resolution is to reconnect with some distant friends.

  18. My resolution is to thank God everyday for what he has blessed me and my family with. I get too caught up in the stresses of daily life and forget how special the little things in life are.

  19. My resolutuons

    1) land a job as a cigar sales rep or in the cigar industry
    2) remain as happy as Ive been the last month
    3) clean out the effin caddy
    4) lose weight

  20. Nice Review Jerry!

    I really think 2010 Casa Fernandez is finally gonna get the recognition they deserve. Anyway, my new year’s resolution in the cigar world is to get better at pairing with cigars. I have never been very good at it but I am sick of drinking waterwith my cigars.

  21. My resolutions are to start working out daily, travel more, and stop saving certain sticks for special occasions that i never think are quite special enough to smoke them so i just end up saving them

  22. I resolve to study my ass off, graduate from law school this March so I can smoke the Padron (which is not available here in the Philippines) Ive been saving for 6 months.

  23. Nice review… I resolve to come up with a 2011 New Years resolution that I will actually follow thru with!

  24. My resolution is to hit the gym 3 times a week before work, and to get to the cigar lounge at least once a week. (Hey, gotta make time to slow down and enjoy life!)

  25. To smoke a greater variety of cigars! There seem to be so many great cigars out there at the moment and I want to try them all!

  26. I have made all of the usual resolutions (lose weight, excersise more…) but the one that I truly want to be successful at is being a better ME. I resolve to keep work at work, enjoy every minute that I get with my wife and kids and make every effort to reduce stress in my life. Part of that is truly taking the time to enjoy my “cigar time”. Concentrate on those relaxing minutes when it’s just me and my favorite stick sitting on the deck. It’s probably the best stress reliever (…ok… second best stress reliever).
    I wish all a happy New Year.

  27. Lmfao…I opened the link to watch your vid and was like ‘DAYUM! 85 comments???’

    …and then I saw there was a contest…

    Not trying to piss people off, but if you (not all…but 85 comments on a video is about 75 more than normal…) only come here to try and win things…I don’t even know. It just upsets me a bit. If you lurk, that’s fine…but make yourself known! The forums would be glad to see you join.

    Anyway, angry rant aside (maybe my resolution should be to be nicer…hahaha!), nice job as always, Jerry. This sounds like it might be right up my alley, so I’ll have to pick some up when I see some/when I’m not broke.

  28. I just saw these in the store the other day and skipped over them because I didn’t have room in the travel humidor. I am going to have to head back to the shop to pick a few up.

  29. My resolution, buy a new humidor and throw away the humi bags I have everywhere holding my collection together. Besides that though I really enjoyed the Arsenio, smoked it about 1 or 2 months ago and loved it, one of the best cigars I had this past year.

  30. To study harder and bring that GPA up.
    Also, to try a wider variety of cigars and hopefully try writing a couple reviews for you guys at stogie review.

  31. For 2010 I resolve to smoke my “special occasion” cigars instead of looking at them age in my humidor. That means my “go to” smokes will have to take a back seat.

  32. To be a better Dad to my three year old. Spent some time with my folks and realized I had a few of the negative tendencies of my father…. Ouch….. Got to work on my patience and communications with him and my wife….

  33. My New Years goal is lose 20 pounds through dieting and snow ski at least twice this year. Means getting in shape 🙂

  34. Great review once again Jerry.
    One resolution of mine for 2010 is to smoke more of my top shelf sticks that I continue to save but never seem to find a reason to smoke…. and like most of the world it seems to lose some weight

  35. My new year resolution is to try to get along with annoying folks from my job. To try to make my job less stressful and a better place to work. Wish me luck. *crossing fingers*

  36. HI Jerry… I work for an ambulance company taking care of sick and dying people all week….. I have Ben with the same company for over 3 years and work pretty hard…. over those years I have neglected some of my own ailments and injuries in order to help others…. so my new years resolution is to not only continue to help others but also to take care of myself this year as well…. and continue to enjoy premium Cigars every step of the way…. Thank you! Doug

  37. My resolution for 2010 is to complete atleast 4 tabacco/cigar themed paintings.And create a tobacco media watercolor by using saved cigar nubs and soaking them in water.Just an idea I’ve been playing with.

  38. I had thought i had posted my resolution already.It apparently didn’t make it.My resolution is to finish atleast 4 tobacco/cigar themed paintings.And follow up on my idea of creating watercolor media with cigar nubs.And to smoke,smoke,smoke…….

  39. My resolution is to:
    1) Get another humidor ‘El Diablo’ 2) Visit Mexico in next couple months to smoke some cubans & bring some back 3) Continue get better at snowboarding 4) Finish baby-room project (#1 on the way) 5) Be Great Father 6) Be Great Husband 7) Be Good Person …. work on prioritizing things better 🙂 Review 1-7 LOL !

  40. My resolution for this new year is to expand my collection of cigars beyond what I have now and try at least one of each cigar by the end of this year. Also a cabinet humidor in the works is also a great resolution

  41. Good pick … and yes, I think we all agree with HabanoHam’s comment about smoking and not waiting for that special occasion.

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