Gurkha Empire IV

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Gurkha Empire IV

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Origin : Unknown
Wrapper : Brazilian Arapiraca
Binder : Unknown
Filler : Long-leaf Dominican and Nicaraguan
Source : Purchased from Cigars International with my own funds

Today I have for you the Gurkha Empire IV. This is a cigar that there is not much information floating around on except what is on the Cigar’s International website. To sum it up, there are six blends available that vary in construction, strength and flavor. Over the next six reviews, we shall see if i get those same results.

This cigar comes in one size, a 5.5 x 52.


While looking at this Gurkha Empire IV, I notice a bit of a vein that is under the caps. I am hoping it does not interfere with the smoking of it. I see another medium vein running up through also, but nothing that is real outstanding.

I get a barnyard scent from the wrapper and foot.

I had to cut the cap twice to try and open up the draw a bit. I still think the draw is a bit tight but should be manageable.

Took a bit of flame to get this one sparked up and I think it is just because of how tight the tobacco is packed. I also had to put a good bit of flame to the others I smoked to get them started.

First Third

Starting off this Gurkha Empire IV, I m getting mostly a woody taste with a bit of spice, especially when passing through the sinus’.

I really did not get much of a change in flavors through the first third. Predominate flavor was Woody with some natural tobacco in it. I lost the spice except through the sinus’

Burn line was good, but did not hold a strong ash. I actually got the first ash to hold on for almost an inch by babying it, but in reality, that would be a lot of trouble to go through just to keep it on.

Second Third

Starting the second third of my Gurkha Empire IV and I still get the woody and natural tobacco taste for the only flavors.

Body is, and has been, a medium strength from the beginning. I have gotten a bit of a boost in the body at the end of the second third. I would say a it is a high medium now.

As for the taste department, not much to report. I am still getting the woody taste with a bit of natural tobacco and the spice through the sinus cavity.

Right now this cigar is just not doing a whole lot other than staying consistent. I am hoping something changes in the flavors to keep my attention.

Final Third

Starting the final third of this Gurkha Empire IV and it is a little boring with the flavors. It just does not want to get away from the woody and tobacco taste.

Woody taste is dominant, bit of natural tobacco, and that is about it. I could ramble on but I really would not be saying anything new.


I have to say, this Gurkha Empire IV did not impress me. I found the flavors to be lacking and nothing really changed through the whole cigar.

I think this would be a good cigar if you are not going to pay much attention to it or if you really enjoy the woody flavor the entire way through a cigar. I just can not see me going and grabbing any more of these.

Look for my reviews on the rest of the series in the coming weeks.

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5 thoughts on “Gurkha Empire IV

  1. That sucks! Sounds like your palate is burned out. I think you need a break from smoking Ghurkas and switch to something else dude because the slope continues, but you’re brave for smoking them consecutively, good job.

  2. Ok, this has got to end soon…I went to sleep with fucking Queensryche in my head and a graving for a Gurkha cigar. Please make it stop!

  3. I am puffing on a gurkha iv as I write this. This is a pretty darn good stogie.The empire vi of this line is my choice because it hasa little more kick, but this iv has a good draw, burns even, stays lit, and nice aroma. The woody taste you complained about is actually the sweet barky chocolate flavor desired in quality maduros. Don’t quit your day job and be sure to ask the customers if they would like to supersize their orders.

  4. haven’t gotten to v or vi yet, but i’ve liked them all so far. working on iv now and i have to say it;s the best so far (about 1/3 through bit.) just goes to show you that taste is indisputable – everyone’s taste buds are different!

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