La Aurora 100 Anos robusto – First Impressions

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La Aurora 100 Anos robusto – First Impressions

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Origin : Dominican Republic
Wrapper : Dominican Corojo
Binder : Dominican Republic
Filler : Dominican Corojo and Piloto Cubano
Source : gifted from barbalet

Here we are again my faithful minions. I will not go into detail in this section like I did in the video about numbers, sizes, etc, so if you are curious, you will have to watch my ugly mug for a bit.

Today I am going to be reviewing the La Aurora 100 Anos in the robusto size. These were made for the 100th anniversary of the La Aurora factory and supposedly in limited numbers and sizes (see video ).


Lets start out by taking a big ole whiff of the wrapper on this La Aurora 100 Anos. Well, I am getting a sweetness that reminds be a bit of sweet hay. After snorting the smell out of the foot, I am leaning more towards a caramel sweetness along with a little bit of chocolate.

I decided to go with a v-cut today, just because I was feelin the need for it. Upon cutting I take a drag before lighting and notice the draw is pretty darn firm. I really hope this opens up or I may end up clipping the end to try and get some more out of it.

First Third

Starting on my La Aurora 100 Anos and I am still not very pleased with the draw. I may try to do the X cut with the v-cutter to open it up a bit more.

Right off the bat I will say this cigar is smooth and mild. I am actually little shocked as I was expecting it to start off in at least the medium range, but even for me, this is mild.

I really enjoyed this first third, even though the draw was super tight. I was getting all kinds of flavors that this first impressions will not be able to do the cigar justice. Some of the flavors I noticed were: caramel, cocoa, woody, bit of a spice on the lips I cant place among a few others that went by so fast I did not write them down. I am really impressed so far, except for the draw.

Second Third

Heading into the second third of my La Aurora 100 Anos and I have decided to do the x cut in the top by cross cutting with the v-cutter. It seems to have opened it up a bit more but still is not as open as I would hope for. I think we (yea, like you are having this exact same problem at the exact time you are reading this HA) should be able to make it through the cigar with this amount of draw.

Well after getting interrupted by the phone and the doorbell, I did have to relight the cigar. I tasted no difference after relighting but I wanted to just let you know I had to do that.

Flavors are close to the same but the body has stepped up to a medium and pretty abruptly. I think it was about 3 puffs going from mild to medium. I have been getting the flavors swapping around for dominance, where a couple puffs one would be there, then another would take over. I picked up a bit of leather in this third but not for long. I have also noticed the spice kicked up a little bit. I am not talking about anything overwhelming, but more than the first third.

I am still enjoying this cigar immensely and I hope it ends as well as it has been going so far.

Final Third

Jumping right into the final third of my La Aurora 100 Anos and everything is just going superbly. Body has picked up to the medium range but seems to be holding steady.

In this third we stayed a little more in line with flavors, with the woodsy taste being dominate in the first part and the the chocolate and caramel tastes rounding out the last bit of the cigar.


Wow, just wow. I absolutely loved this La Aurora 100 Anos! If you have the funds available it would be a wonderful box purchase before they disappear and can no longer be found.

Changes in the flavor kept my attention to the cigar and the body never overwhelmed me. If I could write better, I could put together a book just on how much I enjoyed this smoke.

A super thanx to barbalet on twitter for sending this to me and giving me the opportunity to try this cigar.

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11 thoughts on “La Aurora 100 Anos robusto – First Impressions

    1. I like to punch the cigars but found I tend to get the ma bit hotter when doing so. A v-cut is a bit more open so that does not happen as much.

      I also notice when cutting the end of the cigar, it is very easy to take a bit too much off, where using a punch or v-cut, you cant really screw it up (except for cracking the cigar with the punch).

      and…I had a bug up my ass for a v-cut LOL

  1. As far as I’ve experienced with La Auroras this sounds right on. The V cut was an interesting decision on your part,not something I typically go to. As far as I have heard of the limited amount of 100 tobacco I will definitely be picking some up, gonna have to see how it compares to the new 106 their offering. Good stuff though review and all.

  2. I couldn’t agree more. A draw that is too tight is very annoying and you lose control over how much smoke you can take in. I’d take a loose draw any day. At least the cross cut helped.

    Sounds like an interesting flavor profile though. I may have to check these out!

  3. Yo Mike, this is the first time I liked the song you use! Anyways, I think only the greatest of cigars with a very tight draw deserve to be smoked, I also would prefer a loose draw to a headache inducing tight draw!

  4. “Total production on the 100 Años line will be 400,000 cigars, 125,000 of them belicosos, which measure 6 inches by 52 ring gauge. The company released only 27,000 belicosos in 2004, and will distribute the remainder in 2005 and 2006. The shaped cigar is the best of the 100 Años quartet, with full, rich flavor and a leathery finish.”

  5. This was, and to date has been my favorite cigar. I have yet to find another with the same taste and was curious to know what your recommendation would be for a similar product to this would be (that is available today).

    1. Tough one! How about an Illusione Epernay or maybe the Drew Estates Undercrown. I cant think of any that would be a perfect match.

      These are available (at least online) so you could still snag a bunch of them to hold on to. Check .

  6. I would recommend a straight cut. I do not understand why people review a cigar and complain about the draw when they use either a punch or a v cut. A straight cut will help give you a better indication of the draw and construction of the cigar. If the X cut helped the draw then a straight cut will surely complete the draw.

    Besides that great review! I love this cigar and it reminds me of the Partagas No.4.

  7. First bunch I smoked I loved. Splurged about 12 years ago on a box of robustos. Bought a bunch in Apr 17 and so far I’m very disappointed. Smoking 026628 and still waiting to even like it. My 3rd smoke of this batch.

    1. Smoked one after 4 mid in humidor. Big difference as one would expect. Met expectations this time and glad I have a few more. Still not as good as 2012.

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