National Brand Toro

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National Brand Toro

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Origin : Honduras
Wrapper : Honduran
Binder : Honduran
Filler : Honduran
Source : Bought from Bonita Smoke Shop

Today I have the bundle cigar, National Brand, in the toro size to review for you. I will also inform you that I am doing this review outside for now, but depending on how loud the rude neighbors decide to play music, I may end up back in before the end.

These cigars are made at the same factory as Camacho and Baccarat. They are available in 8 sizes, Churchill (7.000×48), Corona (5.250×42), Imperial (8.500×52), Lonsdale (6.500×42), Royal Palm (6.125×36), Rothschild (5.000×50), Soberano (7.000×44), Toro (6.000×50). Some of the sizes are available in Maduro, Cameroon, and Sungrown, along with the Criollo ’98.

I am thinking I have the cameroon for you today as it just says Natural on the website


Taking a peek at this National Brand toro and I notice it is a bit spongy to the touch and has a very light wrapper on it.

Scent coming from the cigar is a slight sweetness and tobacco. I am getting about the same from the cold draw also.

First Half

After making a v-cut, I sparked up my National Brand toro with little effort, although I did kind of burn the wrapper a bit cause I could not see the flame outside.

Getting a predominant tobacco taste with a bit of woodiness and some sweetness lingering around.

When exhaling smoke through the sinus cavity, I get a mild twinge of spice but not much else.

Very mild stick so far. I think this would be something for with that morning cup of coffee.

Second Half

Now ending out my National Brand toro with a woody taste that pretty much overshadows everything else. I am still getting the slight sweetness with each puff also.

With about 1.5 inches left it started to get a bit harsh.

This is a very mild stick with neutral flavoring throughout that goes nicely with a cup of coffee.


For the price of this National Brand cigar, I think it is a nice addition to the daily smoking regiment.

If you are like me and are always on the lookout for a cheaper priced cigar to fill some gaps, this just might do it for you. You will not be blown away with flavor or body, but it is a nice cigar to smoke while reading your morning paper, checking the internet or whatever else you like to do. I don’t think I would smoke this cigar when I want to focus solely on it as i would get bored pretty quickly.

I know the video was pretty short but it was my first attempt at doing a review outside and did not want to have a long video that did not turn out. If you don’t see a video below then I will not do anymore outside because it was too screwed up.

Well after rendering the video, I had to crop and zoom to remove the neighbor, plus you get to hear the other lovely neighbor scream at her kid. I think the quality is amazing but my location just is horrible being so close to other houses. Well, let me know what you think.

AUDIO –> Right-Click: Save As

Purchase this album – Metallica: …And Justice For All

I am just me.

16 thoughts on “National Brand Toro

  1. Nice “Defiance Alliance” cap! Got one just like it myself.

    Love the ambiance of outside, especially the neighbors yelling in the background!

    And the music…it’s been too long since I’ve heard “Shortest Straw.” Very cool. Somewhere out in our garage…probably ruined by now…I have the original release of “…And Justice For All” on vinyl. They put it on two 12″ records so the sound quality would be better, then insisted the record company charge a regular single-disc price for it.

    The cigar? This was a cigar review? Oh yeah!!! It sounds right up your alley…decent mild bundle smoke.

  2. Thanks for another review, Mike. Definitely short and sweet!

    The video looked fine, and the lighting was solid.

    I stumbled upon SR a few weeks ago and have come to look forward to your reviews. I like my cigars mild to medium also, and appreciate the fact that you’re not afraid to review a budget smoke along with more expensive cigars. Keep ’em coming!

  3. Youre embarrassing to look at. Why on earth would I want to trust someone’s opinion who looks like that

  4. Why don’t you at least do some research before the video? You look like an idiot stumbling through all those facts you clearly don’t know

    1. Yes, I know – I dropped the ball on that one. Hectic time, my bad.

      I keep getting told nobody gives a crap when it is a cheap bundle stick but I now see that is not the case.

      Won’t happen again, unless it is Jerry’s fault :p

  5. Is that a Japanese maple tree behind you?

    Anyway, some advice for you, the FNG…when you list the 8 sizes…how about dropping some of those zeros? 7×48 looks a lot better than…7.00000000000 x 48 LOL.

    1. Yep – Japanese Red Weeping Maple – need to be trimmed up a ton this fall too! Covers my pond – even though all my fish died cept 1 and I have no clue why ๐Ÿ™

      yea yea – was thinking of going to the fraction sizes since the decimals get bigger for eigths. I do not like how it looks if you have one size no decimals then the next one 3 decimals. Looks unbalanced to me.

      1. To I have to watch the video to make abusive comments too or can I just begin the beating without that formality? LOL I don’t do video often, but when I do, I always make a quick cheat sheet before hand. It really helps.

        The whole decimal thing seems awkward to me, which is why I always go with fractions. Also, they’re a bit more accurate, in that you don’t have to do any rounding.

        1. I actually had the cheat sheets but one was saying made by Camacho, the other was saying made at the same factory as Camacho, so I got confused ๐Ÿ™

          ok ok, fractions it is :p

          I may have to do more awful reviews to get more comments =)

  6. Ha, don’t listen to the haters, I like your reviews Mike. ๐Ÿ˜€

    I’ve had the “Nicaraguan” of the national brand. Meh. And I love Camachos. The used to be listed on the Camacho website, not sure if they still are, so I’m pretty sure they are made by them.

  7. Wow, a lot of rude peeps!! Great review!! There is always something to improve upon but I think you are doing a great job!!

    I don’t see video reviews from some of the haters? Maybe they could do a better job? Doing reviews like that I imagine is not as easy as it sometimes looks.


  8. Everyone’s a critic. Nice review Mike and I always enjoy your take on the various sticks your review. I think I might have to try a few of these as my everyday rotation cigar.

  9. Nice review Mike don’t pay attention to the haters they most likely have an inferiority complex and probably light their Muriels with a Zippo

  10. It is always far easier to pick shit a part than it is to do all the work behind the scenes to make things happen.

    Mike – you do solid reviews and you have a personality… Not like some other sites out there that just spew details. Like the music, like the comments. You have been banging out a lot of reviews lately – all of them solid. Many of us really appreciate it. Those who don’t should at least try to be constructive with their comments.

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