Week in Smoke (TGT Video Edition)

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Week in Smoke (TGT Video Edition)

I flaked last week on the video edition of Week in Smoke. You’d think recording a few audio clips and matching them up to still pics would be easy. Well its is easy just time consuming! Its basically a glorified slideshow. Thanks for all the continued feedback. We are still anxiously waiting for blip.tv to released their new HTML5 video player so that the embeds will work for you iOS users. Until then, I hope the YouTube version is acceptable. The other alternative is to visit iTunes and subscribe to the Stogie Review podcast.

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10 thoughts on “Week in Smoke (TGT Video Edition)

  1. Not to bash this initiative, but what is the added value of a video edition when you say exactly the same as in the written edition? Anyway, nice week you must have had with smokes like these!

    1. The added value is that the lazy people can just watch the video and you also get the added benefit of listening to jerry’s sultry voice. Which in and of itself is priceless.

    2. Frank – Just to expand a bit on what Matt said. We received some great responses to the Week in Smoke (Video). Believe it or not we have many subscribers to our iTunes podcast who never visit the site. The video keeps them in the loop. Also, we try to make our content available in many different forms. Whether its in an iOS version or posting to YouTube or making an audio only mp3 version.

      Also, I’d be lying if I didn’t say ad revenue from the videos isn’t a factor. We don’t plaster our site with ads on every sidebar or at the top/bottom of every post or mention our sponsors every 30 seconds. We’ve chosen to keep everything we do easily accessible and let our content speak for itself. Every video helps do that by offsetting the cost of hosting the site.

  2. For my money, the Mi Barrio has got to be the best cigar I’ve smoked in the last year. I’ve burned through 4 boxes. If you can find the El Billetero, snag ALL of them up. And hoard them.
    Thanks for the post Jerry.

  3. Jerry,
    Another week in smoke loaded with variety. I haven’t had much luck with the Punch Rare Corojo 10th Anniversary. The first one I smoked (Less than 2 hours after receiving the package) had major burn problems. The second (smoked recently) was plugged. Unfortunately, I don’t think time would have helped in my scenario. I’m glad to hear yours are smoking well.

    I couldn’t agree more with your Liga Privada statement. I don’t like the No. 9 but think the T-52 i fantastic. I’ve only had one Dirty Rat but I didn’t enjoy it nearly as much as the Flying Pig. That can mean only one thing….. I better smoke more of each to be sure!

  4. I’m just amazed at how much work and devotion you put in. It is really appreciated. It is hilarious that people call you a show off snob LOL. I remember the days the real snobs would criticize everything from the way you light cigars, hair cuts, the shirts you wore and talking with a cigar in your mouth ahahaha. No end to people whining and complaining.

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