Gurkha Micro Batch TPB-1 – First Impressions

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Gurkha Micro Batch TPB-1 – First Impressions

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Well here I am for my Tuesday slot, that I keep forgetting about, and I am thinking I am going to keep this format of just doing a first impressions video and letting the video do the talking (or maybe not).

Here is a bit about the cigar copied from CI’s website since they are the only ones that have this (along with their other company

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Habano ‘04
Binder: Ecuador
Filler: 60% Nicaraguan ligero, 30% Nicaraguan Viso, 10% Pennsylvanian Broadleaf
Strength: Medium-Full
Production: 50,000 cigars
Aging: 120 days, post rolling

There are 3 other varieties of the micro-batch available also.

So without further ado, here is my first impressions of the Gurkha Micro Batch TPB-1

AUDIO –> Right-Click: Save As

I am just me.

7 thoughts on “Gurkha Micro Batch TPB-1 – First Impressions

  1. Well if the auto focus on the t3i is anything like my t2i then no, there is no auto auto focus. What I mean is that in video mode go to the menu and you can turn auto focus on, but it will only auto focus when you half push the shutter button down, not just automatically focus when something takes up most of the sensor. The issue with auto focus is it makes quite a bit of noise, and if you don’t use an external microphone when you focus, then all people would hear is the motor in the lens whirring away as it focused in. Also in video mode the cameras have an auto white balance, so when you auto focus it stops balancing while it focuses and you usually get a burst of white. There are shutter release remotes, so there may be a remote for video that can auto focus the camera, but if there is I don’t know about it.

    I just take stills though, so I’m no expert with the cameras when it comes to video.

  2. The only Gurkha I have ever smoked was the Regent, which I liked. I really need to try more of the line. Thanks for the review Mike.

  3. Nice Review Mike.Smoked a Micro Batch a while ago and was pretty good.Nice meeting you and Walt at Cigarfest.

  4. Thanks for the great review Mike. I might give this one a try. Of all Gurkha’s lines I’ve only had the Micro Batch VH-7 (toro). I liked the flavors, but some had burn issues which is a problem I usually have with box-pressed cigars. Bad luck?. Anyway, keep on smoking.

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