Casa Magna Sanchos

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Casa Magna Sanchos

Hello my fellow cigar smokers and welcome to my take on the Casa Magna Sanchos.

Been a little hectic around here with colds. flu, allergies, and assorted aches and pains but hopefully I am back and ready to go.

This is just a short review of the Casa Magna Sanchos and I will let the video do most of the talking for me. I will say, try them if you can find them and if anyone thinks these are even near full bodied, I would love to hear your thoughts. I think they are a medium body with full flavor.

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I am just me.

4 thoughts on “Casa Magna Sanchos

  1. Nice to see the Return of the Big Red Chair!!!. What is that beach towl doing there?. This stick sounds like it would be good and right up my alley. glad to see you back doing reviews, hope all is well.

  2. Good to see you back, Mike. The Casa Magnas that I had have been full bodied, perhaps a difference in size? That price sounds pretty high even for MSRP. I think I had seen them for around $15 per tin.

  3. Nice review. Would give em a shot if somewhere I can find em locally. Seems short cigars are gaining popularity. My B&M pushing these little viajes that cone in a shotgun shell looking box.

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