Wicked Indie – Toro

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Wicked Indie – Toro

Wrapper : Nicaraguan Habano
Binder : Nicaraguan
Filler : Nicaraguan
Source : Bought locally

This week’s review will be on the Wicked Indie in the toro size. This cigar is from East India Trading Company (Yo Ho and a bottle of rum) which is a sister/subsidiary/partof Gurkha cigars. It is available in four sizes, robusto (5.5×52), toro (6×54), xo (6×60) and a churchill (7×50), although the Churchill size seems to be hard to find. Pricing for these by the box of 50, yes 50, is $159-$194 on average.

If you are a Gurkha hater or a cigar snob that thinks only $8+ cigars taste good, you probably made up your mind at this point that you will hate this cigar. Please don’t. Every cigar deserves a chance no matter who makes it, how much it costs or what you may think of it without even trying it.


Getting a nice hay and barnyard scent from the wrapper while the foot gives a natural tobacco scent and the cold draw gives some woody spice. Very nice looking wrappers with minimal veins and the band is totally wicked (yea, I went there).

First Third

Starting out with a nice spicy wood flavor that has a sugar taste to it. As I smoked into the first inch it developed a creamy note along with a bit of a grassy taste. This is still a mild smoke at this point. Ash is still holding strong at over an inch and the flavors have shifted back to the sugary spice and woody notes from the beginning. Can’t say I am disappointed as I do not really care for the grassy taste. Most of the ones I took notes on did not have much of a grassy taste or it did not last very long, just like this one. Ash held on for an inch and a half and the flavor at this point are a creamy combination of wood, spice, sugar and a dull cinnamon. I wish I knew spices better but that is the closest I can think of to relate the taste to. flavor stayed the same through the end of this first third.

Second Third

Smoking into the second third of this Wicked Indie and the strength is still pretty mild and the flavors would be in the medium range. It is enjoyable so far but nothing that will blow your mind. Really like how creamy this cigar is tasting. Flavors are staying pretty consistent in this second third and the strength is slowly picking up along with the spice. Definite medium body at half way but you already knew that if you watched the video. Creamy spice is really coating the palette at this point while bringing in a slight coffee taste with the woody flavor. Strength is still building but nothing overpowering at the end of the second third. Flavors have switched around a little between the aforementioned ones but nothing new has cropped up.

Final Third

Heading down the final stretch of this Wicked Indie toro cigar and so far this stick is better than I thought it would be when I picked up my first two and then proceded to snag eight more later. Flavors are still holding out nicely at the beginning of this final third with a bit more of the coffee taste popping up here and there. Ash holding tight again with the flavors starting to get a bit muddied together but nothing that turns you totally off to the cigar. Still tasting coffee, spice, dull cinnamon and wood. Strength is still a medium but knocking on the door of a full. Ending out the cigar on a good note, the strength came back down to a medium. Flavors still stayed a bit muddied but it was not nasty towards the end.


Would I buy it again? Yes! I think for the price of this cigar it is a true hidden gem, especially for the medium cigar lover. It is not going to give you wild tastes but it is a great smoking cigar that lets you relax and enjoy the moment.

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  1. Good review, Mike. I’ve been meaning to check these out, but could only find the 6×60 XO, which I passed on. Hope I can find one of the smaller sizes.

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