Liga Privada Unicos Feral Flying Pig

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Liga Privada Unicos Feral Flying Pig

Its not a secret I’m a huge fan of the Liga Privada line, especially my beloved T52.  I usually have a couple boxes in my humidor of different Ligas, mostly T52 Flying Pigs and Dirty Rats.  I was really excited to hear about the release of the next in the Unicos series, Feral Flying Pig.  This version was a bigger Fly Pig and much stronger.  The cigar features a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper, Brazilian Mata Fina binder and Nicaraguan filler and retails for about $16 a piece.  My only problem?  Couldn’t find the damn things to save my life.  After several months, a buddy of mine who lives in Baton Rouge, LA found some at a local cigar shop and picked me up a couple to try.  After smoking my first one, I was immediately hooked.  It has a familiarity to it from the flavors that reminded me of my beloved T52, but stronger.  Great flavors, long finish and a nice volume of smoke sum up this cigar well.  Check out my video review for more details.


13 thoughts on “Liga Privada Unicos Feral Flying Pig

  1. Great review. Anyone knows where to get the Unicos Feral Flying, T52 Flying Pigs or Dirty Rats online? Shipping to Europe?

    1. Ruben,

      They are pretty hard to find. I would just keep watching on the larger online cigar retailers and watch for them to get new shipments in and order them. Most all of them will ship overseas.

  2. Welcome aboard Ben glad to have ya…. Big LP fan and I actually have one of these Sitting in my Humi just waiting for the right time to light it up. Congrats on your move and love the Location shoot.

  3. Ben! Welcome to SR! I had to watch the video twice. First time around I was distracted by the lovely beach background. Thats one heck of a green screen you have there.

    Nice review of the Feral Pig to make your debut here…

  4. Great review Ben. Like you, I am a huge T52 fan, and I’ve smoked 4 of these and loved them all. Really great with Booker’s, get that double whammy.

    Good to see you on SR, hopefully you can add some southern class to this crowd!


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