El Primer Mundo Announces Costa Fuerte

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El Primer Mundo Announces Costa Fuerte

A little over a week ago I was surprised to see Sean Williams, owner of El Primer Mundo kicking back at my local shop. (But only a little, he is based in Atlanta, after all.) He was there with a friend smoking lanceros bearing the plain paper band you often see on pre-release cigars. When I went over to say hello, Sean offered me a seat and a cigar and introduced me to his next release, the Costa Fuerte.

Costa Fuerte translated into English means “strong coast” and is a reference to the east coast of the United States, which Sean says is his company’s strongest region. And accordingly, that will be where the cigar is initially available.

Costa Fuerte will be available in three sizes, Robusto (5 x 50), Toro (6 x 52) and Lancero (7 x 38), with an MSRP around $9, plus applicable taxes. The current plan is for them to come in boxes of 24, but Sean said that it isn’t etched in stone yet. Look for them to start arriving in retail stores in late March or early April.

Like the impressive La Hermandad (It made my top 10.) the Costa Fuerte will be made by Abe Flores of Pinar Del Rio, and will feature a Brazilian Bahia wrapper, a Dominican Olor binder and Dominican Corojo 2006 and Nicaraguan Criollo 98 fillers.

If you’re following me on twitter you probably saw the picture of the Costa Fuerte I lit up that night. (If you’re not, why not? I find me endlessly entertaining and I’m sure you will as well.) At the moment, no official press images of the Costa Fuerte exist, so in case you missed it, here it is again, with apologies for my phone’s horrible camera.

To the relief of everyone’s eyes, Sean provided me with clearer image of the Costa Fuerte Lancero.

Though I wasn’t able to give the Costa Fuerte my complete attention, I did take down a few notes about the flavor profile. It had a potent beginning. I picked up powerful wood and pepper notes throughout with a touch of sweetness. I suspect that once the cigar is released, it will be popular with existing fans of El Primer Mundo products (particularly the La Hermandad) and anyone else who enjoys a strong cigar.

Speaking of La Hermanda, now for a quick update. Remember the original La Hermandad announcement and band artwork? The perpetually nude cigar has found some clothes, and it’s not what anyone expected. It’s going to be a sizable black foot band. Here’s a picture I took of what may be the first banded La Hermandad in the wild. (Again, sorry about the camera and the lighting.)

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  1. Man, I haven’t even had a chance to pick up on La Hermandad yet, lol. Sean has it going on, and good for him. I can’t wait to try a lancero from EPM.

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