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Foundry 002 (600x400)

Wrapper : H-47 Pleno Sol
Binder : undisclosed
Filler : undisclosed
Source : brother-in-law gifted me

Welcome to my weekly ramblings. This week I am going to tell you a little about a cigar called Foundry. This cigar is made under General Cigars roof by Michael Giannini and comes in 4 sizes, Wells (6×50), Lovelace (6.25×54), Talbot (5×60 – this is the one i am smoking for review) and Cayley (6.5x60x56x43 – yea, I REALLY want to try some of them!). Price ranges from $7.95 to $9.45.


First thing you notice on this Foundry is the big honkin gear in the middle of the band, which is metal. Really gives a steampunk vibe to the cigar. Wrapper is a real beauty with a caramel color and a sweet spice scent. Foot gives natural tobacco and cold draw does wood an sweet spice.


Getting right down to business with this Foundry and right from the start there is a crack from the foot of the cigar to about 1.5 inches up. Hopefully this will cause no problems but I will keep you posted. Starting out with a woody tone and some citrus as the flavors coming through. After half an inch there is a nutty taste with a sort of dull sensation to it. It kind of just falls on the palette at this point. Sweet spice definitely makes a comeback with the sweetness more prominent than the spice. Ash held on a full two inches.

About the halfway point of this Foundry and flavors are holding steady and the cigar is burning just perfect. Never had a problem with the crack in the beginning. Another crack has developed but has not cracked through the cap so I hope it is ok till the finish. Flavors are still a bit on the muted side and the body is definitely mild. Still getting the nutty taste with a sweet spice with a little bit of coffee taste coming in to play. Still get that dull taste that I cant place perfectly but the cigar is burning well even through the cracks.


Would I buy it again? Yes. I liked the mild profile but do wish the flavors were a little more robust. I think this cigar would be great in the morning with coffee and I hope to be able to find them locally to try that at some point.

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