Tatuaje Pudgy Monsters Frank

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Tatuaje Pudgy Monsters Frank

Pudgy Frank 001 (600x400)

Source : Gifted from Todd Kauffman AND Rick Frescatore

This week I am doing the Tatuaje Pudgy Monsters Frank from the Pudgy set Pete released. This set was a gift from Todd Kauffman (Kauffman’s barbershop in Wrightsville – I know, me friends with a barber, go figure. He still scares me if he has scissors in his hands.) AND Rick Frescatore (I was not informed Rick was involved in the plot to get me a box of these so I updated this post to reflect) so I figured I might as well start right on them since it is the Halloween season.


This Tatuaje Pudgy Monsters Frank is box pressed with a rustic dark wrapper and a nice surgical stitched seam up the back.

Starting off this Tatuaje Pudgy Monsters Frank with a blast of spicy pepper, some wood and a little bit of a floral note. Has a bit of strength to it right off the bat. Not long into this and a nice deep dark chocolate comes into play and seems to change the floral to a fruity taste. If you ever had something like a dark chocolate covered raspberry jelly candy then you will get it. Hopped back on camera before halfway due to tar showing its ugly head. I snipped a bit off the end and should be good to go. Strong dark fruity chocolate through the end with the peppery spice picking up. A pretty strong cigar so make sure you are ready for it.


Would I buy it again? By itself no due to the power but in the set, we will have to see as I make my way through the others.


I am just me.

9 thoughts on “Tatuaje Pudgy Monsters Frank

  1. I enjoyed each and every cigar in the Pudgy Monster set. I agree about the Face and you will find that the Face in the Pudgy Monsters set is absolutely fantastic. They were all enjoyable but IMHO – it was the best in the set. Personally, I felt like the Frank JR was the best in the Little Monsters’ offering. Thanks for the review Mike. Nice shirt!

  2. Hey mike, I just got a box of those also. I smoked the tiff it was nice. Do you think the v cut contributes to the tar issue as all the smoke is concentrated in that small opening? any way look forward to the rest of the reviews.

    1. Honestly I do not know. I have gotten tar with a punch, v-cut and straight cut so it seems like the smaller cuts may help to funnel it to some extent but I dont think it contributes per se.

      Tar is my enemy!!!!

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