CAO Nasty Nutcracker – Christmas 2014

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CAO Nasty Nutcracker – Christmas 2014

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I love these boxes. It is a nice departure from normal holiday samplers and such.

This CAO Nasty Nutcracker is based on the CAO Gold line but has been tweaked to be a little bolder than the normal line. Starting out it has a bit of spice at the beginning which I have gotten on the regular gold cigars but has usually dissipated quickly. Mild nutty start as would be expected but will be interesting to see how the blend tweaks effect the overall cigar. Wood note has come into play but the nutty taste is still the leading flavor. Peppery spice is still holding strong even with approaching the band. Skipped the middle section on the writeup because it was about the same as the beginning. Here at the end the peppery spice has stayed around especially with the retrohale. Very nice nutty flavor with a subtle wood taste. Stayed mild throughout which was very nice. There could be an argument for a low medium but I am sticking with mild.


Would I buy it again? Definitely. The CAO Gold double corona is one of my favorite go to mild cigars and this CAO Nasty Nutcracker would fit nicely around lunchtime.

I am just me.

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