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Vega Fina Nicaragua

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This week I have the Vega Fina Nicaragua in the Gran Toro (6×52) size for your viewing pleasure. This retails for $6.25 and is out there now. There are also two other sizes available, robusto (5×50) and a short corona (4 3/8×42).

This Vega Fina Nicaragua starts off with a huge coating of flavor on the palate. Getting some sweet hay, cappuccino and a woody base. The coffee is not bitter but more like a sweet earthy blend with some milk or cream. Not as bitey as one would expect from a Nicaraguan cigar but it does have some baby teeth. You may call the men in the white coats but I swear I am tasting coconut. Remember your mind will associate taste with your personal experiences and this one screams coconut. Yea my wife and my mind both yell at me. Bit of a charred meat has come in with the other flavors. Very flavorful cigar to this point. Coffee taste is getting a tiny bit bitter in the last third but nothing else to report. Still awesome flavors and medium strength. Slight charred meat towards the end. Very delicious.


Would I buy it again? Hell yes. I am very impressed with this offering from Vega Fina and hoping to get to the shop again soon to smoke more.

I am just me.

6 thoughts on “Vega Fina Nicaragua

  1. Sounds like an interesting smoke. The coconut flavour you associate with this one peaks my curiosity and interest. I love coconut aswell but find it usually go well in many cigars. Only had 1 cigar that had a coconut flavour to it that went together nicely. But this one sounds like a must try to me.
    Thanks Mike for an excellent review

  2. I had this cigar in las Vegas at a cigar shop , the cigar had just come out and this cigar is an excellent smoke ! As everyone’s flavor profile differs I’ll only say this is a medium-medium full body cigar with rich flavors…I’m going to get a box of these wonderful cigars.

  3. Just tried to smoke one. Construction was terrible. Mush. Wouldn’t waste my money on another one. It was so soft it felt like something was left out of it. Taste was not very good either. After what I saw in the reviews I thought I was going to enjoy it. An inch into it and it hit the trash. Sorry but never again for me. I’ll stick to what I can trust.

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