Week In Smoke – Bayou Edition No. 10

Week in Smoke2 Comments on Week In Smoke – Bayou Edition No. 10

Week In Smoke – Bayou Edition No. 10

Drew Estate Dirty Rat


I was looking through a section of my humidor that I haven’t really dug much around in lately and stumbled upon this Dirty Rat. This one was quite “ratty” looking.  As you can see in the picture, the wrapper was many shades of brown.  Not sure how that happened, but the looks didn’t affect the smoke.  The cigar was still the awesomeness that is the Dirty Rat.  This must have been an early sample because the flavors were smoother and more tame, but still quite a treat.

Nat Sherman Sterling


This is the corona gorda size of the Sterling.  I had the corona for the first time about a week before and found it to be a very pleasant smoke with notes of nuts, creme and cedar.  The corona gorda, to me, was more spicy than the corona, which, personally, is not for me.  I don’t care for a lot of spice in my cigar so in the Sterling, I’ll take the corona.

Oliva Melanio Maduro Robusto


This is one is one I wish I would have smoked before I put out my Top 10 of 2014 list.  Wow.  This cigar smoked great and had amazing flavor of coffee, dark chocolate, toffee and cedar.  I nubbed this cigar to the point to where I thought it was getting creepy.  I would love to have a box of these and age them.  What an amazing cigar.

Crowned Heads Jericho Hill Shots


Crowned Heads just released this petit corona as an edition to the Jericho Hill line for 2015.  These were a complete surprise to me.  I thought they would be a little power spice bomb.  I was completely wrong.  These were great.  They had a much sweeter profile the the rest of the line with more of a cocoa note as well.  Be expecting a full review very soon on this one.


2 thoughts on “Week In Smoke – Bayou Edition No. 10

  1. Great selection Ben! Would class the Nat Sherman Sterling as a morning smoke or it is more like the new wave reserva by EPC, where it is a shade-grow cigar with a little power?

    Cheers mate

  2. Amazing line up! The Dirty Rat/Ratzilla are in my “Top 5″ of all time! I have noticed that the 2014 Dirty Rats have that rustic/”ratty” looking wrapper, early versions of the Dirty Rat have very Dark, Oscuro, smooth wrappers and newer production have that off/mottled brown color with a sandpaper feel. That Melanio Maduro Robusto is my favorite Oliva to come out in a long time!

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