2013 Bolivar Belicoso Finos

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2013 Bolivar Belicoso Finos

The Bolivar belicoso finos has been one of the best selling Cuban cigars to date and for good reason.  Even when young, its a good smoking cigar.  Considered one of the more powerful cigars out of the Cuban brands, these age quite well and mellow out with age.  I’ve had several of these over the years, usually with at least 5 or more years on them.  I’ve always love them, but have never had one young.  The point of this review was to see how they compare to well aged BBF, which they are lovingly called, so I got some with a box code of ULA DIC 2013.  Let’s see how it did.


8 thoughts on “2013 Bolivar Belicoso Finos

  1. Not a bad review. I don’t agree with you on it being a powerhouse though. I find the montecristo a lot stronger as a power house.

    Your video review froze.. but it was a good review still

  2. Ben,

    I’ve been a reader of this site since 2008. Go back to 2006 up until 2010 and see how many video reviews there were vs. written reviews. And even the videos had written portions. I don’t like videos because they take too long, you can’t go back and easily reference them, nor get info like wrapper,price, etc. My opinion, but hey aren’t I allowed to express it? I read plenty of other review sites. I guess your saying I don’t belong here. Ok, fine.

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