Dunbarton Tobacco and Trust Sin Compromiso Selección No. 5 Parejo

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Dunbarton Tobacco and Trust Sin Compromiso Selección No. 5 Parejo

One of the most anticipated releases for IPCPR this year was the Sin Compromiso from Dunbarton Tobacco and Trust. The Sin Compromiso is made with some of the best tobaccos available which took Steve Saka 3 years to get the blend right. Dunbarton Tobacco and Trust uses unique tobaccos for the Sin Compromiso that I’ve personally never heard of before. We sat down with Steve to talk about the new releases including the Sin Compromiso which you can watch here.

  • Wrapper: San Andrés Negro “Cultivo Tonto”
  • Binder: Hybridized Ecuador Habano “Thin Ligero”
  • Filler: Independent Plantation Grown Nicaraguan
  • MSRP: $17.45
  • Sold in 13 count boxes
  • Sample provided by Dunbarton Tobacco and Trust at IPCPR 2018

The Sin Compromiso is available in 5 sizes:

  • Selección “Intrépido” 5.63 x 46 Box / 13
  • Selección No. 2 Torpedo 6.00 x 52 Box / 13
  • Selección No. 5 Parejo 6.00 x 54 Box / 13
  • Selección No. 7 Parejo 7.00 x 56 Box / 13
  • Selección “Espada Estoque” 7.00 x 44 Box / 13


The cigar has a green and white band with a cedar wrap around it with SIN COMPROMISO printed on the cedar. The wrapper has a sienna brown leathery color with a soft box press. The draw is a perfect milkshake draw with notes of sweetness and an earthiness.

First Half

The cigar is smoking very well with tons of smoke. I get notes of black pepper, almonds, leather, earthiness, coffee, and a sweet creaminess. The creaminess is the backbone of the cigar with the other notes and accents which makes an amazing flavor profile. The almond note really pops in the cigar. So far, this cigar is smoking amazingly well.

Second Half

The second half starts off with a delicious dark chocolate note along with the almond, earthiness and leather. The creaminess has died down quite a bit along with the black pepper. The coffee note is a little more bitter which reminds me more of espresso. The cigar is very tasty and still producing a ton of smoke.

Overall Impressions

The Sin Compromiso is slowly trickling into the US so it’s a little hard to find.  With all the trouble in Nicaragua, it’s to be expected.  Nonetheless, this cigar is well worth the wait.  The Sin Compromiso is loaded with amazing flavor with a balanced full body.  The earthiness, sweetness, and nuttiness are balanced out with spices and nice espresso bitterness.  The attention to quality is definitely shown by the smoothness of the cigar.  This is definitely a full box worthy cigar and one plan on purchasing once they become more available.

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