RoMa Craft Intemperance Whiskey Rebellion 1794 Washington

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RoMa Craft Intemperance Whiskey Rebellion 1794 Washington

RoMa Craft Tobac introduced the Intemperance Whiskey Rebellion 1794 in 2016 as an exclusive to online retailer Famous Smoke Shop. RoMa Craft Tobac has themed their cigar after different historical subjects and the Intemperance line is named after the temperance movement during the Prohibition era. The Intemperance Whiskey Rebellion 1794 takes on a similar theme with the Whiskey Rebellion 1794 that happened western Pennsylvania in opposition to an unfair tax law that was implement by President George Washington at the suggestion of then Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton, to tax whiskey to help pay down the nation’s debt that accumulated during the American Revolution. That tax was considered unfair because the more whiskey that was produced, the more tax breaks you got. It became more of a burden on smaller distilleries who averaged $.09/gallon compared to $.06/gallon or less for larger distilleries. The citizens started protesting against the new law and ever taxed some of the excise tax collectors by tar and feathering them. You can read more about the Whiskey Rebellion of 1794 here.

Each size in the is named after American patriots that played a key role in the Whiskey Rebellion of 1794.

Washington – name after President Washington that signed the tax law to create the tax.

Jefferson – Named after Thomas Jefferson that repealed the law in 1802 when we became president.

Hamilton – named after Alexander Hamilton who designed the law to help repay the debt from the Revolutionary War.

Bradford – named after David Bradford who was one of the protest leaders in western Pennsylvania.

McFarlane – named after James McFarlane who was another protest leader that was killed in a small skirmish at Bower Hill estate which was the home of John Neville, a wealthy landowner who owned Bower Hill and helped federal marshall David Lenox serve warrants on people who didn’t pay their taxes.

  • Vitola: Belicoso
  • Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano
  • Binder: Indonesian Bezuki
  • Filler: Dominican and Nicaraguan
  • MSRP: $7.85
  • Available in boxes of 24

Cigars purchased at Cigar Federation.


The Intemperance Whiskey Rebellion 1794 Washington is a perfect looking belicoso with a dark brown, leathery wrapper. The wrapper stops about a millimeter from the end of the cigar which exposes part of the binder and looks really nice. After clipping the cap, I tested the draw which is perfect with notes of wood, earth and leather.

First Half

The first half of the Intemperance Whiskey Rebellion 1794 Washington starts off with a spicebomb. I get notes of black pepper, red pepper flakes, leather, earthiness and a mesquite note. Now, I might have that in my mind because RoMa Craft is based in Texas and the sharp, woody note reminds me of mesquite that they use, mostly in Texas, to smoke meats for barbeque which I partook a lot in my time I lived in Houston, TX. The cigar is a very rich, spicy profile that is medium-full bodied and is smoking great.

Second Half

The second half of the Intemperance Whiskey Rebellion 1794 Washington starts off with a nice creaminess and slightly tones down the spiciness. There is a nice espresso note that has developed with the mesquite woody note and red pepper note. The creaminess faded near the end and the favor of the cigar is mainly earthy, mesquite and espresso. The cigar is more full bodied and full strength with a long finish.

Overall Impressions

These are really good. I enjoy this one more than the other Intemperance lines. I don’t care for overly spicy cigars, but this one has a nice smooth spiciness about it that is tamed somewhat by the creaminess in the middle. The espresso and sharp, woody, mesquite note really adds to the flavor profile to round it out quite well. The cigar was medium bodied and strength throughout most of the cigar until the last third where it approached to a more full bodied and strength. Also, as a history nerd, RoMa Craft Tobac cigar lines really appeal to me, this one especially. Overall, this is a well done cigar and one I will be reaching for more and more.

Final Score: 91


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  1. Smoking this right now as I clicked on Stogie Review and there it is! Haven’t had this stick before, I’m enjoying the pepper and another savory flavor I could not identify. I continued reading your review and saw ‘mesquite’ and you nailed it! Haha that is great, your palate is much better than mine, I just know I like it. Thanks for a great and timely (for me) review!

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