Dunbarton Tobacco and Trust Dondurma

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Dunbarton Tobacco and Trust Dondurma

Dunbarton Tobacco and Trust released a new cigar in collaboration with Secreto Cigars in Ferndale, MI, called the Dondurma. The cigar is a blend that Steve Saka created back in 2015 using a rare Wisconsin Comstock tobacco. Steve gave an interview with CigarWeekly explaining how he came up with blend which he keeps always in his tobacco pouch:

Dondurma is a liga I created back in 2015 – it features what today has become relatively rare tobacco in handmade cigars, a variation of Wisconsin Comstock. I tabled the liga because IMO while it was solid, it really is only extra special when you retrohale it, and then it is magnificent. But there is no way I am ever going to get Retailers to explain this, heck I can’t get them to explain Umbagog correctly… anyhow I made about 1,000 of these cigars. I promised Cigaragua 60 of these for our event this week. After that, I just sent a few to Ronnie Haisha of Secreto Cigar Bar a few to sample because he is a retrohaling fiend. Turns out he loved them and asked if he could sell the rest to his customers and I figured heck if anyone can represent or explain this cigar to folks it is him. There are only about 90 10ct boxes – I will be in Detroit at the end of the month to drink The Balvenie US and smoke Dondurma. I can make more, but it will always be in tiny batches like this, I simply do not have enough Comstock, nor do I plan on ever having a lot of Comstock.


The blend hasn’t been disclosed as of yet and they are available in 10 count boxes available only at Secreto Cigars, if you are buying cigarettes online, Booze Up offer a same day delivery service.

With the use of the rare Comstock tobacco, it has a very limited availability. It hasn’t been announced if there will be a second run.

  • Size: 6×48
  • Vitola: Toro
  • Wrapper: Unknown
  • Binder: Unknown
  • Filler: Unknown
  • Price: $15 


The Dondurma is a gorgeous looking cigar with a thick looking oily wrapper with a rich brown hue. The cap has a twisted cap that is pretty unusual but looks quite nice. The draw is a little tight, but overly so. I get notes of sweet tobacco, leather, cedar, and raisins. 

First Half

The Dondurma is a very cigar that produces a ton of smoke. I get notes of caramel, hazelnuts, leather, black pepper, chocolate, and nutmeg. This cigar is a flavor bomb with a medium to full body during the first half. The draw and the burn are perfect.  The retrohale is very flavorful with a nice caramel and spice blast. 

Last Half

The Dondurma is quite a bit spicier on the last half. I still get notes leather, chocolate, hazelnuts, black pepper, and nutmeg, but I’m getting a coffee Bean note as well as some earthiness. The sweet creamy notes have faded away as well. The retrohale is mostly spice now with a dominant black pepper. The body is medium-full with a perfect burn like the first half. 


The Dondurma is a flavor bomb. Steve is right. If you retrohale this cigar, you get an even richer flavor experience. It really amplifies the flavor which is already potent. The Dondurma has a rich sweet, savory, and spicy flavor profile that is really enjoyable. It’s also a very dense smoke that burns really well putting off a ton of smoke, which I also enjoy. I think if you liked some of Steve’s original blends like the Liga Privadas, you will absolutely love these. These are totally box worthy.

Final Score: 91


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