Hello, again

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Hello, again

The world of cigars, what an amazing and fun place to be in. Some of you many recognize me, I am Justin and I had the pleasure of working with Jerry and Walt way back in the day. Yeah, that is going back. I have wanted to get back into the review arena but as with most things, life happens and find time has always been a challenge.

I have been a silent cigar smoker and watching what has been going on, watching other people review and seeing what has been going on in the industry. Times and landscape have certainly changed. I have seen many people I know in the industry come and go, but that is pretty typical in any industry and the cigar world is not immune to those changes.

It seems that as a cigar smoker, we are always under attack for something. They want to raise our taxes, make it harder to enjoy a cigar, implement new crazy regulations to increase the cost and time to market, all for what? Because we have this huge issue with adults enjoying a legal product? I don’t think any other industry has the level of scrutiny that we do. It’s crazy to think that another substance that was highly illegal, countless hours spent, lives lost is now a legal product and seems to be easier to get and enjoy than a fine premium hand made cigar.

I could go on and on, but for now, I will leave it at that.

I look forward to sharing my perspective on all things cigar related, from the cigars themselves, to the industry and communities.

I am a bit rusty, so talking into a camera will be a bit strange at first, but it will be a fun journey.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts and comments and working with Mike as we resurrect one of the oldest cigar sites out there.

Oh, one more thing. As I type this, I am sitting in a cigar lounge as the Vegas heat decided to kick in and today marks the official start of the the Nevada $.50 cent cigar tax cap. The guy sitting across from me helped to make that possible. Such a nice break for anyone coming to or living in Las Vegas.

Happy smoking.

Based in Las Vegas, I have been enjoying cigars since 1997.

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