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Carlos Torano Reserva Selecta Maduro

Carlos Torano Reserva Selecta Maduro Country: Honduran Wrapper: Costa Rican Broadleaf Binder: Indonesian Filler: Dominican/Honduras/Nicaragua What a gem of a stogie! I decided to review this stogie to compliment the review done on the Connecticut Shade wrapper version of this stogie by our friends at Keepers of the Flame. What can I say? They have […]


Jerry’s Humidor

Well folks, here it is! My humidor in all its glory! Purchased from my local JR Cigars shop in August 2004 this beauty has seen cigars, of all shapes and sizes, from all walks of life, come and go. There are many humidors like it but this one is mine (please allow time for the […]


Henry Clay Honduran

Origin: Honduras Wrapper: Nicaragua Binder: Nicaragua Filler: Honduras/Nicaragua/Peru Introduced in 2005, the Henry Clay Honduran is a new stick from an old school brand. Henry Clay is one of the brands mentioned in Rudyard Kipling’s cigar poem The Betrothed as Kipling writes There’s peace in a Larranaga, there’s calm in a Henry Clay. The Henry […]


Partagas #8 Maduro

Origin: Dominican Republic Wrapper: Cameroon Binder: Mexico Filler: Dominican/Mexican I reached into my humidor and pulled out a staple cigar. The Partagas #8 Maduro has been a part of my collection for as long as I can remember. It’s not flashy in its appearance and tends to blend in to its surroundings and go unnoticed […]

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Don Juan Urquijo

Wrapper: Connecticut Binder: Philippines Filler: Brazil, Dominican Republic & Philippines I wasn’t sure what to expect from the Don Juan Urquijo before I lighted up. There I was in Makati City in the Philippines at one of the many Shoe Marts (SM) (a major department store similar to our Macys/Hechts but with a wine/liquor/tobacco section) […]


Partagas Limited Reserve

Wrapper: Cameroon Binder: Mexican Filler: Dominican & Mexican Before I left for my two week trip to the Philippines I was left with the dilemma that faces all BOTL. What cigars to pack for my trip? I went thru the humidor and picked out some of my usual smokes (Torano Signature, Maria Mancini, Partagas Black […]

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Off to the Philippines

Well I’m off for the next two weeks.  Going home to the Philippines.  I really hope to check out the cigar scene and pick up some locally grown cigars to bring back and smoke.  The history of the Philippines is so rich in Spanish lore.  Ferdinand Magellan brought tobacco seeds from Cuba when he “discovered” […]

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