Cigar Purchases: Cigars from the Philippines

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Cigar Purchases: Cigars from the Philippines

It took a combined 70 hours of traveling door-to-door and back to get them but my trip to the Philippines was a fruitful one. It was wonderful to go home and enjoy a slower, more relaxed pace of life in a place where the US dollar is strong and cost of living cheap. Here is the bounty I have brought home from the Philippines. All together I spent around $300 US on 300 cigars. Thank God I had no problems with US Customs in San Francisco. 3 boxes each of the following:

La Flor de la Isabela Don Juan Urquijo –

La Flor de la Isabela 1881

Tabaqueria de Filipinas Antonio Gimenez

Tabaqueria de Filipinas 1898 Independencia

Tabaqueria de Filipinas Flor de Filipinas

I smoked a handful of the Don Juan Urquijo which is the flagship premium cigar in the Philippines and they were a very unique and enjoyable smoke. A review of them is in the works. I hope to send out a few cigars of each box to Waldo and others for them to try and post a review on them. I need to make some room in the humidor and get them a bit more stable after the long flights home.


14 thoughts on “Cigar Purchases: Cigars from the Philippines

  1. I’ve had Tabaqueria Antonio Gimenez cigars before (they were a gift from a Filipino colleague) and I must say they were quite a good smoke. I had no idea they were so affordable. They say Philippine cigars are famously mild but the A Gimenezes were slightly bolder and a bit spicy. Very good and great value! I google’d their website

    1. The cheapest place to buy cigars in the Philippines is Johnny’s supermarket on Mc Arthur Highway in Angeles city. They are far cheaper than Manila and a third of the price of the rip-off airport prices.
      I bought 25 Antonio Giminez Robustos last week for 2400pesos. I saw a box of 10 of the same at the airport for 3000p,
      So, hello baby

  2. The big department store, SM, which is everywhere has really fairly priced cigars (Flor de Filipinas) in their Kultura section.

  3. I’m glad that you’ve all enjoyed our local varieties. I’m fairly new at this cigar thing. I got started just last year when I received a bunch of cohibas and romeo y julieta. I’m now just going to try our local brands and it’s encouraging to see that you all find it good.

  4. I too have enjoyed the Don Juan Urquijo Churchills by La Flor De La Isabella. Everything else I have tried is weak bodied and way too mild.
    My last box of DJI’s Churchills cost me p6,899.75 for a box of 25. The exchange rate (Mach 29, 2010) is php45.30 to 1 USD. That works out to $152.31 for the box. Or six dollars per cigar.
    Are there any other cigars comparable to the DJI’s made in the Philippines?
    Medium to strong with a full body?

  5. Dear all.
    Since i seen those Philippines cigar are so difficult to find anywhere i decided make them available. I live just few miles away from both best Philippines factories. I will as well produce my own Boutique cigarm but this is maturing still, patience…
    I started a blog with reviews and a site for the sales is ready in a few days.
    Trying getting a good discovery deal to propose before X mass still.
    Excellent – Philippines Premium Cigars – Are Back !

  6. i’d encorage any one to give Philippine cigars a go, they
    are a lot more complex than you might expect & it’s not
    going to break the bank to get a good selection for “research
    perposes” SM mall is a good place for price & be paitent,
    get them out of the foil & let them rest for a couple of
    weeks in a humidor, it’ll be worth the wait, most folks i know
    who’ve been disappointed couldn’t wait & experianced a hot,
    bitter burn, like everything in the PI, a bit of fore-play is worth
    the effort 🙂 enjoy

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