Hoyo Dark Sumatra (Media Noche)

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Hoyo Dark Sumatra (Media Noche)

I find it great to review cigars that someone I know has smoked. Over on another site my buddy Walt reviewed the Hoyo Dark Sumatra and now it’s my turn.

Origin: Honduras
Length: 5.75
Ring: 54
Strength: Full
Wrapper Color: Dark Brown
Wrapper Type: Ecuador Sumatran
Binder: Connecticut Broadleaf
Filler: HON/NIC/DR
Shape: Parejo

I focused in on this little beauty as it was one of only three left in the box. I’ve had my share of Dark Sumatra but I figured the box was close to empty for a reason. Hoyo has such an extensive line from the Classic to the Royal Sterling, Excalibur and Excalibur 1066 you tend to get them all confused. My experiences with the Hoyo lines has always been hit or miss even with the Dark Sumatra in this size. Luckily for me, it was a definite hit this time.

A bit of a difficult cut started it all off on the wrong foot. My buddy Naz at JR Cigars quickly made up for it and lighted my stick using the cedar wrapper of the cigar. I’ve never done this before and it may just be my imagination but the hints of cedar were more evident than normal. It was definitely a nice touch that I may start doing when a cigar is cedar wrapped.

Like Walt, I thought the draw was a bit on the tough side but okay. A bit disappointing at first but after a few tough draws it picked up steam in all aspects. The flavors really showed themselves the first 50% of the cigar. Strong pepper, espresso & cedar notes definitely dominated this stick. The cedar notes I don’t remember from before and I chalk it up to the new lighting technique. The cedar notes really threw me for a loop that I didn’t even notice what a sturdy cigar this was. Strong, clean even burn really needs to be highlighted. I know burn always takes a back seat to flavors but really, this was a very well constructed cigar that burned evenly than any cigar I can remember recently.

After the 50% mark, you could taste the pepper and cedar loosen its domination on the stick. Unfortunately the espresso didn’t last long enough and the cigar quickly turned harsh and within a few puffs became intolerable.

Even with the new lighting technique thrown into the mix I really think this is a fair review. For a slow burn rate cigar this cigar started out slow but then quickly released its flavors in one strong burst and ended on the harsh side. Maybe the longer sized Ebano and Noche don’t suffer from this quickened flavor release. Only one way to find out

My Rating = 82
Walt’s Rating = 80
Cigar Aficionado = 87


9 thoughts on “Hoyo Dark Sumatra (Media Noche)

  1. Great review. Its interesting to see that our reviews are only a few points off. No major variations throughout the catagories.

    I need to go out and pick up another one of these Hoyo’s. I really like them.

  2. I took in this cigar at a karaoke bar this weekend here in Dallas along with what seemed like an entire keg of Guinness.

    I was a little hesitant to smoke in the first place since no one else was smoking but a couple of guys in the corner – cigarettes. I lit up anyway as I was dying to try it. The one thing that really stood out to me was the awesome draw on this puppy – punch cut btw. With the perfect amount of pull needed it produced a wonderful amount of smoke.

    The first 50% of the cigar was fantastic. I mean I really really enjoyed the taste. I agree with Jerry though, as the later half of the burn became fairly rough. The smooth, dark and spicy taste faded out and you get the sense that the cigar is finished.
    Although the 4 gallons of Guinness could have done it, the latter part of the cigar started to make me a little light headed with its harshness.

    I will most definitley be smoking this one again. It is a perfect cigar for a short yet very enjoyable smoke. Just take note when you go into it that you’ll only be smoking the first half of the cigar and you’ll most likely love it.

  3. I found the ash to be very white and the burn to be very even. I have also found the cedar lighting technique to be the best way to light a cigar. Some companies will sell a five pack with a thin cedar backing that can be used as a lighting strip.

  4. Jeff,

    I have heard people talking about using that cedar sleeve to light the cigar, but never spoke to someone who did it first hand.

    I would imagine that you use it just as you would match, is that correct?

    Is there a need or desire to toast the foot with a torch prior to lighting with the cedar sleeve?

    Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll definitely give that a try the next time I have one handy.

  5. Happy New Year
    I pick up a few of these about a month ago at my local smoke shop when I found them in the $2 bin and I am glad that I did. Decided to pull it out to celebrate the new year and man did it start my year of right. First off it had a great full draw which I loved, loved the flavor and the ash stayed on like a champ. Must say that this is one of my new favorites. Hopefully I can catch a deal like I did before but if not I will pay full price anytime. Great smoke.

  6. I know my comment is roughly 3 years after, but I finally smoked one of these. I agree that my experience with Hoyo cigars has always been a hit or miss. But this dark sumatra was definitely a hit.

    I had a different experience with the draw, a perfect draw that was consistent throughout, something I did not expect. I took my time with this cigar, even though I was freezing my ass off outside (it snowed last night here in Seattle). I didn’t have any burn complications. Flavor was great and the ash stayed on until I finally decided to ash it before I ashed on myself, which happens almost all the time. I smoked this cigar with a nice cup of Kona coffee, which I felt complimented the cigar. Overall, I would say that this is now one of my favorites and would probably be purchasing a box of 25 for less than $80. There’s not a lot of cigars that makes me want to go out and purchase a box.

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