Humidification Beads

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Humidification Beads

I just placed my order for one pound of Heartfelt humidification beads. I saw great reviews on few websites i frequent, and I thought I would give them a try.

From what I’ve read these beads are similar to silica beads with the exception that they absorb and release humidity. Sold in relative humidity ratings of 60, 65, and 70% they are supposed to hold that humidity in your humidor by releasing water vapor when things start to get dry, and absorb moisture when the humidity spikes.

These beads are supposed to be far superior than the typical passive humidification system. You can get lots of information from The Heartfelt Industries website.
I’ll be sure to post back after i get them in working order and have a review on them.

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6 thoughts on “Humidification Beads

  1. Nice! I’ve seen these around. Less intrusive and more reliable than your humidification device with distilled water.

    What RH rating did you buy?

    Nice setup information on their site. The calculation method comes in handy.

  2. I ordered the 70%.

    I was going to get the 65, but i like my cigars just a touch more humid.

    Cant wait to check them out.

  3. So, Walt, have you check them out? What did you think of it?I can’t find a review on it by you anywhere. Is better than HUMI-CARE Crystal Gel Humidification or Xikar Crystal Humidifier?

  4. Shn,
    Since this post I have been using the product for close to 3 years. They work very well and are an entirely different product than the Gel and Crystal systems.

    Both Gel and Crystal products use Propylene Glycol to maintain a set humidity while the beads use a salt treated Silica.

    The beads are more expensive but I think they are a good investment.


  5. Okay.Thanks for distinguishing them for me.Sorry to ask you again,Walt,but do you think the beans work better than gel ,or Crystal products? Do you like the beans better than them?

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