Triple Ligero X3

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Triple Ligero X3

Size name: Toro
Length: 6.1
Ring Gauge: 52
Wrapper: Brazilian Maduro
Strength: Full

I recently decided to smoke another one of my cigars from the CI sampler. The one I went with was the K. Hansotio Triple Ligero X3.

When I first pulled this stick out of the humidor I didn’t think much of it. It has a rather plain looking band, and is mostly covered in a cedar sleeve. Once I removed the sleeve I was surprised at how good this cigar looked. It has a nice dark Brazilian Maduro wrapper.

There was a nice oily sheen to this cigar and I couldn’t wait to light it up. I used a plug cutter on the cap and got to work. The cigar starts out with bold hints of coffee and chocolate. The first inch of this cigar had a nice slow even burn to it.

After an inch or so the draw firmed up a bit and the cigar picked up more of a coffee flavor. The taste was dense and creamy. The ash was nice and firm but very ugly. It seemed that the ash was flaring out every which way, but was solid at the same time.

At about the half way point the strength picked up and the chocolate and coffee flavors faded away. The wrapper was very fragile, even being careful I ended up cracking the wrapper down towards the cap. Even with the crack in the wrapper the cigar still smoked well and it didn’t seem to ruin the flavor like other cigars in the past.

After doing a little research I learned that K. Hansotio also makes Gurkha. This particular cigar seems to be a limited edition stick.

Anyone who likes a good Maduro should check this one out.

My rating sheet can be found below.

Review Sheet: 84.5/100

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4 thoughts on “Triple Ligero X3

  1. Great review Walt! Just so happens this cigar is the 1-Day Deal from Cigars International that expires on 05/16 @ 11:59pm ET. Nice timing! Any inside information?

  2. I just got that mailer yesterday. Its a shame im over my cigar budget this pay cycle. When i priced them right after the review i found a price of 60.00 for a bundle of 15. I think knocking 20 off the price is definately a good deal on these smokes.

    Guess i have some contemplating to do before midnight. Im waiting for a box of cigars to come off of the out of stock list over at JR but ive been waiting over a week now, i may just have to grab the X3’s in the place of the others.

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