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Stogie Review Gets a Refresh

Way back in 2009, Stogie Review underwent a massive update and had a Custom WordPress Theme designed and developed for us. It was quite the undertaking, not to mention quite the expense, but we were thrilled with the end result. We had a Cigar Review website that was unlike anything else in the blogosphere and […]


Warped – Maestros del Tiempo

Over the weekend, Gilbertsville Cigar Factory Celebrated its Two-Year Anniversary. It is hard to believe that is has been two years since Sir Stogies was transformed. There have been a lot of changes in the shop – some good and some bad, but the selection has never been better. Not long after Chris took over […]


Whiskey and Cigars

Back in later September, Gilbertsville Cigar Factory hosted an event with Island Jim. In addition to the usual cigar event, there was also Live Music by Dan O’Brien and a Whiskey Tasting from Manatawny Still Works. I always enjoy these events because its a great opportunity for my wife (who doesn’t smoke cigars) and I […]


Please Welcome The Sharp Fox

With the flood of IPCPR 2018 Coverage behind us, we thought that now would be a good time to introduce our newest Sponsor – The Sharp Fox. The Sharp Fox is a Stainless Steel cigar cutter that comes in two varieties. The first is The Redwood which is a more traditional cutter with wood accents. […]

Stogie Talk

On The Fence about Buying a Pipe

Have you ever found yourself sitting in a cigar shop, enjoying your favorite cigar from your classy Stogie Gear case, and suddenly feel like the boss from The Godfather? I found myself in that situation recently and it probably wasn’t for the reason you would expect. You see, the Gilbertsville Cigar Factory recently expanded into […]


Patina Connecticut

Over the past couple of months, I’ve been making an effort to use Social Media a little more than I have been. This has meant branching out beyond Facebook and knocking the dust off of both my Twitter and Instagram Accounts. The cool thing about Instagram is that several of the Gilbertsville Cigar Factory Regulars […]

Stogie Talk

A Rare Saturday Morning Cigar

Every Monday, I sit down at my desk and my co-worker asks “How was your weekend?” For the most part, my answer is “Good” but there really isn’t much to say beyond that. You see, six months ago my wife and I made a decision that would change our weekend dynamic significantly. I was offered […]

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