Perdomo Exclusivo Generoso Maduro

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Perdomo Exclusivo Generoso Maduro

Origin – Nicaragua
Wrapper -Â Connecticut Broadleaf
Binder – Nicaragua
Filler – NicaraguaÂ

I was reading the latest post by Al Remp on Cigar Blog 101 and realized that it had been too long since I have rotated the cigars in my humidor. My wife will attest to how lazy I can be. I spent my Friday evening going thru my box. It was while I was rotating that I came across the Perdomo Exclusivo that I had obviously forgotten about.

The Perdomo Exclusivo was released in 2003 and is from the fields of Nicaragua. The handful or two that I have left are from December 2004 when I purchased 2 boxes from my local JR Cigars. So they’ve sat awhile and like with most cigars, age has made this cigar even better than I remember.

The dark brown wrapper was dry even though my notes from previous smokes say it was oily the last time I smoked one a year or so ago. I’m not familiar with the aging process of cigars but do oily cigars loose their oil feel over time? Despite not looking as I remembered them, the wrapper looked ready and willing.

Upon clipping and placing the cigar in my mouth I knew I was in for a treat. You could taste the smooth creamy espresso/mocha notes mixed in with some cedar notes. I assume the cedar notes are due to aging cause my cigar diary ¦ I mean, cigar journal, makes no mention of cedar in previous entries. As I took the first few puffs after lighting the aroma was awesome. It was like smelling the coffee maker doing its thing in the morning. The active and resting smoke was light gray and dispersed quickly but carried the aroma without the usual smoke smell. My wife actually thought I was burning a candle.

The cedar notes faded after the initial light leaving the espresso/mocha notes to be the dominating characteristics as they didn’t fade. I very rarely smoke past the band but I was so entranced by the taste that I totally lost track of everything and smoked way past the band. It was as I smoked the end that the cedar notes returned ¦ interesting to say the least.

This cigar was well constructed. Wrapper stayed in perfect tact. The burn was even at the start but started to require some maintenance early on as it started to burn uneven. Towards the end I had a little fountain pen looking stub left despite my best efforts. No relighting was required although I did have to pull out the lighter to try to keep an even burn.

All in all, this was a solid smoke that definitely improved with age. If I was smart, I will remember to take this stick with me to enjoy after a good meal of steak and potatoes and some chicory coffee.

Stogie Review Rating: 83/100


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