La Escepcion – Series V

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La Escepcion – Series V

Origin: Honduras
Length: 6.12
Ring Gauge: 50
Strength: Full
Wrapper Color: Dark Brown (Oscuro)
Wrapper Type: Connecticut Broadleaf
Binder: Connecticut Broadleaf
Filler: Hon. / Nic.

I recently received a package from Jerry containing some cigars. In the package there were two, La Escepcion – Series V cigars. I decided to give one a try.

This cigar has a very dark, almost black, Oscuro (Double Maduro) wrapper, with a distinct sweet aroma to it. The wrapper was oily and the texture was hard. There were some veins throughout the wrapper, but not enough to be concerned with.

I pulled out my brand new Palio cutter and clipped the end. I was amazed at the absolutely clean and crisp I got out of it. I took a couple puffs before lighting to check the draw. The draw was very tight, so I clipped a little more, opening up the cap a bit more. I rechecked the draw and had the same tight draw. I gently rolled the cap between my thumb and index finger to try and loosen up the tobacco. This seemed to help a little, so I began to light it.

The cigar lit easily and had an excellent burn. The first puff was very tight and produced little smoke. Even with the small amount of smoke I got, the cigar was very flavorful. The taste was sweet with a dry finish. The burn was slow and even while the ash was bright grey.

I was enjoying this cigar up until I got about two inches into it. The flavor began to get a little too intense for me. I was getting a lot of strong coffee flavors that when paired with the dry finish, did not appeal to me. The draw was still tight but getting a better.

Right around this point I was getting some burn problems. The burn took off down one side as if it were following a large vein. The wrapper started to flake on me a little bit. All the flaking seemed to occur on the veins. After a bit of touching up I got the cigar to burn even again and it wasn’t long before I smoked past the flaking and things were back to normal.

The flavor stayed constant up until about an inch in front of the band, at that point the flavor mellowed out a bit and the draw was back to being very tight. I smoked the cigar down until it was about an inch long then let it go out.

To be honest with you, despite the burn and wrapper issues I think this cigar was good. I don’t think the La Escepcion is a good fit for me, as it was just too intense for my tastes at the flavor peak. Aside from that I thought the flavor was good, although a bit dry on the pallet.

When doing some research I found out that these cigars are one of few that are truly a limited release. With only 150,000 cigars released per series (all shapes and sizes included in that number) it was the first actual limited release cigar I’ve had. I can chalk this one up as a cigar ill probably never have again after I smoke the only other one in my humidor.

My review sheet can be found below.

Review sheet: 74.5/100

Jerry’s Review

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2 thoughts on “La Escepcion – Series V

  1. I swear you’re such a better reviewer than I am Walt. Can I just send you my notes and you write up my reviews? =) Nice find on the limited release info.

    I’m not sure if the pair I sent you were from the handful I purchased when I did my review or from the box I bought awhile ago when they were on special.

  2. Thanks, you do a good review as well 🙂

    Im wondering if this cigar is different from the one you reviewed back in March. We seem to have different flavor profiles in this cigar, and normally we do pretty good at picking up the same flavors in cigars.

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