Camacho SLR

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Camacho SLR

Origin: Danli Honduras
Wrapper: Honduras
Binder: Honduras
Filler: Honduras
Size Name: Rothschild
Length: 4.50
Ring Gauge: 50
Strength: Full

I recently got the chance to try my first Camacho SLR Rothschild. I won a three pack on Cigar Auctioneer for around six dollars a couple weeks ago and couldn’t wait to light one up.

The wrapper was a rich brown color with a smooth texture but spongy feel. The cap cut very easily and let way to an excellent pre light draw. The flavor on the draw was powerful and a bit intimidating for such a small cigar.

I lit the cigar with no effort and was left with an excellent burn to start things off. The initial draw led way to loads of smoke. The initial flavors were thick layers of pepper and spice. The body started just as expected well in the full bodied range. The finish was powerful but nice and smooth.

After a few puffs the draw became a bit loose for my preference. The burn rate began to pick up slightly but left a light resting smoke. The aroma in the air was very strong and a bit overwhelming.

As I smoked further into the cigar I began to notice the ash was getting darker the further along I got. The base flavor was continually building, making for a very powerful smoke. The draw began to get a little better but I still felt I was getting more air than smoke.

When I hit the mid point of this cigar I was getting a little queasy. I poured myself a glass of ginger ale and continued to enjoy my cigar. The flavor was still building and the finish was still heavy, lying on the pallet for extended periods of time, but was still smooth.

After several more minutes I reached the final portions of this cigar. The ending was just as expected, powerful and heavy on the pallet with a smooth finish. The entire cigar produced a nice spice flavor that worked well as a backdrop for the body of this smoke.

Overall I was pleased with this cigar and will definitely have another in the future. I would suggest staying away from this cigar early on in the day, it’s definitely an after dinner smoke.

My rating sheet can be found below

Stogie Review Rating Sheet: 81.5/100

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