Camacho Coyolar

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Camacho Coyolar

Origin: Danli, Honduras
Wrapper: Honduras
Binder: Honduras
Filler: Honduras
Size Name: Torpedo
Length: 6.00
Ring Gauge: 54
Strength: Full

As some of you know, I take classes at night for Architectural Drafting and Design. As my Two year program comes to a close, I find myself getting incredibly busy prepping for mid terms and completing projects. When I finally do find a lull in the action there is nothing I like to do more than just kick back, relax and smoke a nice cigar.

After a very long week I finally got to sit down for a couple hours and try to forget about the hectic week I was having. To do so, I dug around in the humidor looking for something nice when I came across a pair of Camacho Coyolars I ordered about a month or two ago.

Ever since Jerry and I got a chance to do our first episode of The Dog Watch Social Club, I find myself drawn to the Camacho line. I was very impressed by the El Legend-Ario and the Coyolar came highly recommend.

This cigar is very attractive. It has a simple band draped around a rich, dark, and oily wrapper. I checked out the wrapper and found it to be flawless. There were small veins that were hard to notice, making this wrapper smooth to the touch. I gave it a little pinch, it was firm but had a nice spring to it.

I pulled out my cutter and clipped about three sixteenths off the head. The result was a clean, crisp cut. I checked the pre light draw and was impressed, the draw felt free but with slight resistance (I know the two descriptions contradict themselves, but you’re a cigar smoker you know what I mean). I began to toast the foot and was greeted right away with a strong, yet nice tobacco aroma. Within just a few seconds I had the foot completely lit and I was underway.

The initial body was medium to full with a smooth finish. The flavor tasted lightly of leather with a mild spicy backdrop. The initial flavor combination was very appealing to me. I really like spice in a cigar, and although this was a mild spice I found it to be paired well with the leather.

As I smoked a little further into the cigar I could feel the body begin to build as I passed the smoke through my sinuses. As the body began to build so did the aroma. The smell was very nice from my perspective, but I can’t imagine someone that doesn’t like the smell of a typical cigar to stay in the room with you, or in the general area for that matter.

The flavor base was staying consistent so far. I was getting a slow and even burn that produced a light colored ash with dark specks in it. The ash was fairly firm, although I did have some flaky spots here and there. The draw was excellent making this cigar very easy to smoke.

As I moved along to the second third of this cigar I was developing a crooked burn. After a quick touch up I had things back on the right track. The body was still building and began to make me a little light headed. The flavor base still tasted of leather and spice, although the spice was becoming a little stronger as I smoked along. The finish was becoming very heavy but short at the same time. It sort came on strong on the pallet, then dissipated fairly quickly.

When it came time to remove the band, this cigar really kicked into overdrive. The body just seemed to spike and it was an all out full bodied cigar. The finish was even heavier now but still fairly short. The flavor was beginning to take on tastes of black pepper with the same leather and spice background.

The cigar was very good for another half inch or so. At that point the nicotine and smoke build up at the cap was too much for me. I put this cigar out after just under two hours of smoking.

Overall I found this cigar to be right in line with my preferred flavor profile. If you’re a fan of the Camacho line like I am, you should definitely pick one of these up if you haven’t already. This cigar will be way over the top for those who smoke a milder cigar, but should be right in line with those that like a heavy cigar after a hearty meal.

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7 thoughts on “Camacho Coyolar

  1. Very beautiful stick and I’m sooooooo mad at you for beating me to the punch and smoking it. I picked up a handful of these last weekend to review. Guess we both have good tastes although from the sounds of it, it maybe a bit too overpowering from otherwise medium bodied tastes.

  2. I too am a Camacho lover, they just make some really fine smokes. The ‘Coyolar’ is great plan and simple. Have you all tried a ‘Liberty’ yet? A little too pricey for me (about $15 in its own coffin) but a friend gave me one a month or so ago…I look forward to trying it out soon. He said it is the best yet.

    By-the-way, I was led to your site via the Dog Watch Social Club, another great pro-cigar place.

  3. Ron,

    Thanks for the comment.

    No, i havent tried the liberty as of yet. Im in the same situation you are, the price point is 18.00 per coffin in my area. Id love to give it a try, but at that price it will have to wait until i can devote the extra cash to a single cigar.

  4. Is the Liberty the line that has x% of pre-embargo cuban filler?

    The DWSC podcast is awesome! They do so much for us and they deserve all the praise they get for what they do for the cigar community. We love getting together with them monthly and recording a show. Its a blast!

  5. I am fast becoming a huge Camacho fan. Every cigar I’ve had from them has really been delicious. The little perfecto in this coyolar brand is a favorite. I guess adding the fun shape to the great taste just sends me over the top to Camacho Heaven.

    Next I think I’d like to try the Havanas brand from Camacho.

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