Month: September 2006


AVO Maduro

I grabbed a handful of these a week ago during a visit to a new B&M I found (don’t you just love finding a new B&M). I picked up a few #9s and a couple of #2s for when I’ve got more time. This review will be for the #9 which is 4.75×48. Upon removing […]


Fuente Fuente Opus X

It’s nice to have friends. It’s even better to have friends who age cigars and are generous enough to share them. For those of you who didn’t know, Walt & I belong to a small gaming clan called High Plains Strike Force ( We’re a group of gamers who play games like the Battlefield series […]


Hemingway Short Story

If you read the Curly Head review I ended that review with the Fuente name being an easy and popular name for the beginner to walk into any B&M and that tobacconist being able to recognize the Fuente name and suggestion the next step. Its always a great feeling to plant the seed of the […]

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