Dog Watch Social Club Contest

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Dog Watch Social Club Contest

I wish I could promise to be able to provide a free box of cigars every month for the DWSC to give away but we’re like all of you, thats right…working for “the man”. So consider this offer a special treat.

The Stogie Review has gifted the DWSC with a box (24) of Carlos Torano Exodus 1959’s. You get 24 boxed pressed Double Corona/Churchill sized (7×50) stogies. These are the original gold label and if you don’t win this give away you can usually pick up a box of these for around $90 from several online vendors.

You have to enter to win so head on over to the DWSC and enter online:

Like I said, I wish we could do this every month but we’ll do our best to give a little something back to a community that has been very supportive of the DWSC and the Stogie Review. Long ashes…


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  1. Great gesture, guys. I’m continually impressed by the generosity and kindness of cigar smokers. I wish there was a way for me to listen to the DWSC show outside where I smoke, but the old lady doesn’t trust me with her laptop since I let the dogs surf and they slobbered all over the keyboard. And after ten minutes of listening to the show in my office I get the sudden urge to go out for a smoke, where I can’t listen to the show …stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea! Cheers.

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