Gran Habano Persian King Rajah

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Gran Habano Persian King Rajah

Gran Habano is a cigar company that was well know for making quality cigars for a great price.  My friends and I smoked a lot of Corojo #5s when we used to get together to smoke because it tasted great and was priced right.  They’ve added various line extensions since then and one of them they sent me to review is the Persian King Rajah.  The Persian King is a unique cigar in that it has two different wrappers.  The Persian King is wrapped in an Ecuadorian corojo wrapper but the first inch of the cigar is wrapped in a Connecticut wrapper.  This gives the cigar two different flavor profiles and a nice complexity.

Wrapper:  Ecuadorian Corojo

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler:  Nicaragua and Panama

Vitola:  Rajah (Toro)

MSRP: $4.90 available in a 50 ct box

Sample provided by Gran Habano for review


The cigar is a rustic looking cigar with a toothy medium brown wrapper.  The capped foot with the Connecticut wrapper is an interesting touch.  The cap is attached with a rolled curved tip that remind me of a pepper stem.  The most interesting part is the cigar was slightly crooked as you can see in the photo.  There is no cracks in the wrapper so I don’t think it will affect the smoking of the cigar.  Just something that’s aesthetic.

First Half

Upon lighting up the cigar, I was a little skeptical that I would get much taste out of the Connecticut cap.  I was wrong and pleasantly surprised that I could get the nuances from it.  I got a lot of oak, caramel sweetness, toast, black pepper and amaretto.  As the cigar burned toward the middle, the oak woody notes and black pepper notes got stronger.  I started to pick up a bit of earth and allspice.  The cigar started off very mild and increased to medium at the midpoint.,

Second Half

The second half lost a lot of the sweetness the first part had.  The sweet, creamy caramel notes has faded away and is very faint now.  The oak wood notes have become the most dominant now with a backbone of black pepper.  I got more of the earthiness now too.  The allspice note is still there, but its a little more faint now.

Overall Impressions

The Persian King Rajah was quite tasty.  Even with  the cigar being crooked, it burned well can gave great flavor.  The Connecticut foot cap did give some flavors of woody with a hint of creamy sweetness that went great with my morning coffee.  The Persian King Rajah is less than $5 a cigar and you just can’t beat that.  A medium bodied cigar with great flavor for less than $5?  Yes, please!  They are a little rustic looking and come in a 50 count box so these would be best to pick up at  your local cigar shop.  These are very good smokes for the price so give them a shot the next time you see them in a cigar shop.


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  1. Sounds better than the movie. Ben, glad to see you reviewing some less pricey options. I generally shy away from Gran Habano but might have to give this one a try.

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