Carlos Torano – Virtuoso

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Carlos Torano – Virtuoso

A few weeks ago I got a very nice and unexpected package in the mail from a good friend of Stogie Review. Tom (cigarfan) from Keepers of the Flame took it upon himself to send me a care package. Among several very nice cigars was a Carlos Torano Virtuoso.

Over the past several months Jerry has been pushing me down the Carlos Torano cigar slope. So far I have not had a single Torano that I did not enjoy, so when I saw the Virtuoso my eyes widened and my mouth began to water. As much as I wanted to smoke this cigar right away, I had to let it rest up from the trip cross country in the summer temperatures.

I decided that this cigar had enough rest and it was time to indulge. After removing it from the cellophane sleeve I admired the dark wrapper and attractive oily sheen. The texture was smooth due to small veins and the overall feel was firm.

I picked up my Palio cutter and clipped off about 3/16 of an inch. The result was a clean and crisp cut with an excellent pre light draw. I began to toast the foot and then fully lit the cigar. Once lit, the cigar produced lots of smoke with a rich Maduro style base flavor with light woody tones in the background. The body was medium in strength and the finish was light and creamy.

After a few puffs the body picked up and became full while the finish stayed light, smooth, and creamy. The burn was slow and even, producing a light grey ash. As I smoked through the remainder of the first third, I was very pleased all around.

As I reached the two thirds mark, the burn began to get a little sporadic. It appeared to have a wavy burn pattern. This did not cause any problems, it just happened to catch my eye. The body, flavor profile, and finish were all very consistent and enjoyable at this point.

As I came into the home stretch, the burn evened up and slight flavors of black pepper began to enter the picture. The body was slowly getting stronger and the finish was still creamy but was getting longer and heavier on the pallet.

When only about an inch remained things began to get bitter and harsh. This was the sign of a good cigar letting me know that it gave me all that it could, and now it was time to set it in the ashtray for good. I really enjoyed this cigar and would most definitely smoke again. This is one of those cigars you just have to try if you’re a fan of the Carlos Torano line of cigars.

Thanks again Tom for sending me that surprise package, it was greatly appreciated.

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9 thoughts on “Carlos Torano – Virtuoso

  1. Glad you liked it, Walt. Next to the 1916 line I think the Virtuosos are my favorite Toranos. The last picture really shows the oil on the wrapper — what a beaut!

  2. I had this the other day as well, very good. I picked it up on the recommendation of the owner of Carlos Torano cigars. I met him at a cigar tasting while I was in Colorado Springs last weekend. Very kewl guy, was fun talking to him. He also gave me a freshly hand rolled right in front of me cigar by one of his rollers he had sitting at the table. That too was a fantastic cigar.

  3. I got this in my package from Cigarfan too! Walt you beat me to it. But yeah, I haven’t met a Torano that I haven’t loved. My favorite is the Signature line followed by the 1959.

    Fritz you lucky dog! Torano events are supposed to be the best rolling events to attend.

  4. A fresh rolled Torano… got me drooling there, Fritz.

    Ya got me thinkin Jerry — I think I would put the signature ahead of the Virtuoso as well (but not ahead of the 1916.) They’re all great! (Well, except the Nicaraguan. Have to say I can’t stand that cigar.)

  5. I have had only one cigar this morning so reading this is like going grocery shopping hungry,i want every thing .I cant smoke in the house and my kids are busy w/thier lap tops so looks like i need to invest in one.Its a bit chilly outside and a bit boring sitting out there alone.When i started smoking cigars i thought this woudnt be a expensive hobby,silly me.good reviews thanks Walt, time to head out for a stick.

  6. Dave,

    I’m glad you are enjoying the reviews.

    Smoking a cigar alone does have its drawbacks, but then again it leaves a lot of time to just relax without any interruptions.

    I was in the same situation when I started smoking cigars. I thought to myself, this seems like a very interesting hobby, i can’t image it being too expensive. Boy was i wrong 🙂

  7. I have a friend on his way down to San Antonio to visit, and in his trip he is bringing me one just like this. My mouth is already watering, and I cant wait to let it loose. My favorite so far is the Signature series from Carlos Torano. I have had 2-3 of them and each one is extremely consistent and smoke wonderfully. I have people ask me if it was like a 25-30 dollar cigar because of its pleasant aroma and LONG compact ash. I said it was a great priced cigar, I didn’t tell them they were under 10 dollars a piece. 😀

    Great review, I just happened to stumble upon this website searching for reviews of this particular cigar as I wanted to have a preview before I smoked it. Sounds like it will be a real beaut! Thanks again for the review!

  8. I smoked one of these last night. I, too, enjoy the various Torano blends. Although this is not my favorite, I was very pleased with the Virtuoso. I thought it was mild to medium throughout the first half but became full in the last half to third. There was a noticeable sweet spice taste which I would attribute to the beautiful wrapper. I did not detect much pepper. The cigar did not burn razor sharp but as you note this was not a problem. Nice amount of smoke. Great cigar if you are in the mood for a sweet spice flavor that is not at all overbearing.

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