Camacho Corojo

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Camacho Corojo

Origin: Danli, Honduras
Wrapper: Honduras
Binder: Honduras
Filler: Honduras
Size Name: Nacionales
Length: 5.50
Ring Gauge: 44
Strength: Full

A month or two ago, Lou (Teninx) a member of Club Stogie posted that his local shop was going to discontinue the sale of Camacho brand cigars in their store. This was due to lack of space for another new line of cigars they were bringing in. Included in the post was an offer to pick up these cigars and ship them out to whoever wanted them. The cigars were being sold at cost and seemed like a dream deal.

I contacted Lou and asked him to check prices and availability on the El Legend-Ario and SLR. Unfortunately the B&M didn’t have any remaining so Lou asked if he could pick me up anything else. I asked him to pick me up a “grab bag” so to speak and that I would send him $20.00 plus shipping. A few days later, I was blown away when I got a box of eleven Camacho cigars in the mail. Among them was a fist full of Camacho Corojos.

After some time resting in the cooler, I decided to get one out and fire it up while doing some reading. While inspecting the wrapper I noticed some small veins and a light oily sheen. I gave it a little squeeze and found the cigar to be firm but pliable at the same time.

After I finished looking over the wrapper I reached for my Palio cutter and snipped the cap. The result was a clean and effortless cut. The pre light draw was good, having some light resistance, so I began to torch the foot. It wasn’t long before I had the foot completely lit and producing smoke.

The initial puff produced a large volume of thick flavorful smoke. The base flavor was woody with a mild spice in the background. The finish felt thick, but was nice and smooth on the pallet. The body, at this point, was medium and mixed well with everything else going on.

After letting the cigar settle in for a few puffs I began to notice some change. The base flavor started to mellow and some leather flavors started to come into play. The body started to get a little heavier while the finish seemed to get creamier, although it still felt thick on the pallet. The draw was nice, however produced a very weak ash.

After about a half hour I reached the two thirds portion of the smoke. The mild spice I mentioned before picked up radically. The body progressed into the medium to full range while the finish started to become shorter on the pallet. The draw, at this point, was excellent. So far the only complaint that I had was that the ash was very weak.

The remainder of the cigar was very consistent. Some may think that this may seem a little boring. I enjoyed the cigar from the start, so the consistency was a good thing for me. Even when the cigar was reduced to a nub it tasted crisp and clean, there was no harshness to interfere with the experience.

Perhaps the most interesting part of this cigar is that it is a Puro in the truest sense. Not only is all the tobacco from the Jamastran Valley in Honduras, but all of the tobacco is Corojo leaf. I found that to be a very interesting bit of information that I thought I would pass along.

Anyway, I really enjoyed this cigar and would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to smoke a full bodied cigar with a spicy kick to it.

On a side note – The video was shot while smoking my third Camacho Corojo while this review was written after smoking my second.

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5 thoughts on “Camacho Corojo

  1. All camacho cigars make me produce alot of saliva. I am constantly spitting. It’s a very annoying cigar to smoke

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