Mayorga Maduro

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Mayorga Maduro

Origin: Estelí, Nicaragua
Wrapper: Costa Rica, Nicaragua
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Size Name: Robusto
Length: 4.75
Ring Gauge: 50
Strength: Medium

Not too long ago I took a ride down to a tobacco store in Pottstown to see if they had anything interesting in the walk in humidor. Like usual, a few things caught my eye and I made my way to the register. The cashier pointed out that if I spent another three dollars I would get ten dollars off my next purchase. I did what any cigar lover would do and made my way back into the humidor. I walked out with a pair of Mayorga Maduro at $2.75 each. I paid for my cigars, got me voucher for ten dollars off and made my way back home.

After some time resting in the humidor I decided to give the Mayorga a try. This cigar was nude to start and had an oily sheen on the exterior. The veins were small leaving the wrapper feel smooth while the overall feel was sort of soft and spongy.

I reached in my pocket for my key ring cigar punch and made quick work of the cap. The pre light draw was a little on the stiff side but produced a very mild but pleasing flavor. The lighting process was quick and easy leading into the smoking process.

The initial puff produced a fair amount of mild yet flavorful smoke. This surprised me a little, I suppose I fell into that common misconception that darker is stronger, which was not the case with this one. The body was mild and the flavor profile was what I would call smokey with a smooth creamy finish.

After a few minutes the flavor began to change to a mild vegetal base which left a heavy and thick feel in my mouth. The body picked up and became medium. The ash was light grey with dark spots running throughout while the burn was slow and even.

When I reached the two thirds mark, the ash began to turn dark and became loose and crumbly. The finish was getting heavier on the pallet while still leaving a thick syrup feeling in my mouth. The body was consistently medium while the flavor base remained vegetal.

As I reached the final portions of this cigar smoke, the body began to get stronger although it never got beyond the medium range. The finish was still smooth and creamy and I began to taste some sweet flavors that were a nice change of pace.

On a few occasions the cigar developed some harshness but a good purge cleaned up the taste pretty well. The cigar left me with a good impression overall, especially for a value priced cigar. I paid 2.75 each as mentioned above, but I am sure they are much cheaper when bought by the box from an online vendor.

I plan on mixing some more of these into the rotation. You should give one a try and see how you feel about them.

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3 thoughts on “Mayorga Maduro

  1. The maduros in this line are a great value, and the “high octane” version is even better. Plasencia makes great cigars at a very reasonable price. This is one of em. Your description is right on.

  2. Spot on review, I smoked these about four years ago and then lost contact with my supplier but they were a satisfying smoke that didnt dissapoint. If they were ever available in the UK we’d have to pay three times the US price as well.

    Regards – Roy R

  3. First the cons: Construction is not its strong point: burn is not often equal, veins are common. I would only recommend the larger sizes; I stick with the Churchills – 7 x 48 or 50.

    Now the pros: I have never enjoyed a cigar more that didn’t cost at least 3 times as much. Getting them by the box of 20 online, they cost just over $3 each after shipping. You get a full-bodied yet smooth cigar that’s not one note. It has earthy, leather and cocoa flavors rather than grassy or woody tastes.

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