La Flor Dominicana Ligero Mysterio

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La Flor Dominicana Ligero Mysterio

Introduced at the 2006 RTDA in Las Vegas, Litto Gomez has yet again created a stogie that takes a turn from the norm in the form of the La Flor Dominicana Ligero Mysterio. I first need to thank few people for bringing this stogie my way. First I need to thank my family Engel and Lance for this and a great assortment of stogies for my birthday. I also need to thank Finnie over at The Humidour in Timonium MD for suggesting the assortment to them that included an Ashton ESG, Oliva Master Blend and a few other premium stogies.

The La Flor Dominicana Ligero Mysterio is a pretty interesting looking cigar. Not only do you have a beautiful 7×54 perfecto shaped stogie but the cigar sports a Dominican filler, Sumatra binder and a Nicaraguan wrapper. You will also notice that the foot and the beehive looking head are tipped with Connecticut Broad Leaf Maduro tobacco.

Now all I have to say, is this is an amazing cigar! Well worth the price of $15 and up! Maybe I’d feel differently if I actually paid for this stogie but as it stands, the La Flor Dominicana is right up there with the AVO 80th and Rocky Patel Olde World Reserve. There were a few times that I totally got preoccupied by the smooth rich flavors. I was impressed with the balance of a sweet maple syrup taste along with some white pepper. The intensity of the flavor profile changes throughout. Just when you think the white pepper taste will become overwhelming the intensity mellows out and while the little break is welcome you wait with great anticipation for the intensity to pick back up.

No burn or construction issues that I didn’t bring upon myself. There were times I went into fast forward mode and started puffing more often which led to the Mysterio burning hot and erratic. But like I said, I think this was my mistake and no flaw with the stogies construction.

Outside of the La Flor Dominicana Ligero Mysterio’s hefty price tag, I’d have to highly recommend it. I know its tough to pull the trigger with that price but you won’t be disappointed. The La Flor Dominicana Ligero Mysterio offers a rich, intense and balanced profile with flawless construction – as long as you don’t get too engulfed and smoke too fast.

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Review of the La Fa Flor Dominicana Ligero Mysterio by Jerry from the


20 thoughts on “La Flor Dominicana Ligero Mysterio

  1. Jerry –
    Fascinating. Great review, both written and video. I was just looking at an ad for those earlier today and wondering about it. Do you know if it is a limited production cigar or one that’s going to be in their regular line? (I’m already saving my pennies.)
    And happy belated birthday!

  2. Jerry,

    You beat me to it once again! I just bought a box (of 5) of these Mysterio and have been anxious to try one. They are a beautiful cigar! I’m a big LFD fan anyway & I imagined they would be spectacular. Nice review bro, I’m drooling… which cooler did I put those in……….

  3. Jerry – I heard it in the video too. You do say “Little Gomez” but above you say Litto. Its all good cause I knew what you meant. Video quality is looking great, just need to work on the verbal slips even though I’m sure 99.9% of the smokers out there know what you mean.

  4. George – I actually have a call into Litto as does Mike from Bethesda Tobacco to see if we can find an answer to your question. And thanks for the belated birthday wishes.

    Dale – I think you will like the flavor profile a lot. I’m starting to question if the burn issues I had were really my fault. I’m starting to read more and more reviews of similar experiences with burn issues.

    Matt & Vic – Thanks for pointing the obvious flaw in the video. I’ll make sure I do a better job actually saying what I mean to say and minimize the “verbal slips”.

  5. Oh good, you fixed it in the written review as well! Weird how those “verbal slips” sometimes come from “written slips.” Nice catch. On with the reviews! 🙂

  6. Jerry must be quick on the edit button cause I honestly didn’t even notice that he wrote “little gomez” too.

    Quick question, how do you do your review when it includes video? Do you smoke and record the video and then write your review based on viewing the video? I know normally you guys smoke 2-3 of a cigar before reviewing it, is the video based on the 1st, 2nd or 3rd smoke?

  7. I can still edit the text and if I could edit the video, I would. I did write “little gomez” but corrected it after Matt pointed out my error.

    In general the video review is based on the 1st smoke. I normally do smoke a 2nd cigar inbetween filming the video and the written review and unless my experience is totally different from the 1st I normally don’t smoke a 3rd.

    With the Mysterio since it was a gift, I only had the one and thus the video and written review are based on that.

  8. Thanks for the review. Quality video and very good information. I really like the combination of the written and video reviews.

    Keep up the good work.

  9. Great review! So far I’ve tried the Limitado II, LG Diez, and Coronado. The Coronado was my favorite, and left me quite… satiated. I’m going to try another one right now to see if I get the same effect.

    Regarding the burn issues… this has also been mentioned with the uniquely shaped Reserva Especial “El Jocko”. It’s possible that these extreme shapes may require slightly different cutting, lighting, or smoking techniques. I’ll have to try a few Mysterios to see if I can unlock this “mystery”.

  10. By the way, Jerry, I noticed that your friends’ names link to the website for Au Poitin Stil in Timonium. A former resident of the area, I HIGHLY recommend this rustic Irish pub, as well as the good folks at The Humidor.

  11. Jim –

    I love the Still! The sheperds pie is awesome and my brother Lance is always working the bar and makes the best snake bites! Not to mention they are 100% cigar friendly.

    Good insight on the burn issues. I actually never thought about that.

    Thanks for the comments Jim!

  12. Ha, I loved this review. I liked how it worked it’s way up to $16 as you smoked it. Show’s it’s a good cigar with interesting construction.


  13. Dave – Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment!

    I’ve had the honor of smoking a few more of these over the past couple weeks and I have to say again that this is an awesome cigar that is worth the price tag.

  14. What a great smoke.
    As a tobacconist from Brazil, I have the privilege to handle cuban cigars on a daily basis, Mysterio, however, is in my opinion the supra sumum of cigarmaking, it combines bold creativity with superb craftmanship and a well balanced unique blend. Litto has shown once more, where the combination of imagination meets the desire for exellence, there are no boundaries.
    This is from now, my Saturday morning smoke, with a cup of well roasted organic Arabica.

  15. I really love this cigar. The only problem was with the draw. In order to get a decent amount of smoke I would have to cut it below the cap. I just had to make sure the wrapper didn’t unravel.

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